Live Your Authentic Truth

Live Your Authentic Truth

The inability to communicate authentically and truthfully is one of the most common issues for many of us. Speaking from a place of resentment, criticism, comparison, low self esteem, jealousy and fear leads to living an inauthentic life, which means we have low satisfaction levels, are frustrated and unhappy.

More importantly, it is impossible to fulfill your life’s purpose if you can’t access your authentic voice.

Below are some ideas you can look at to discover how to live your authentic truth.

Know Your Truth

To know our truth we need to listen to our body. How do we listen to our body on a day to day basis? Well the answer is many of us don’t. We are too busy and wrapped up in our busy lives.

Our authentic self exists in silence. In order to reveal that self, we need to find stillness and silence daily. Meditation or sitting still and listening to our inner voice helps us to do this.

During this time, listen to what your body tells you. Ask it questions and see what answers come back to you. What messages does it give you?

What feelings does it give you? What pictures does it show you? What sounds does it make? What do these sounds, pictures and feelings mean to you?

Our body always has the answers, we just need to listen and be patient with ourselves. Write in a journal about what your meditations reveal to you.

It can reveal things from the past or talk you to about what is happening in your life right now. Just trust that you will get the answers you need.

This process takes practice and patience, Treat yourself well and know that with time you will get to where you need to be.

Speak Your Truth

When you know your inner truth, you can communicate that truth to others. Trust your feelings and your inner voice will tell you what you need to know. When we are speaking from a place of inner truth we are speaking from a place of being authentic.

Some people may not like what you tell them but that will be a reflection of them and their inner critics. We must remember that we are never going to please everybody all of the time.

But if you are coming from a place of authenticity you are doing the right thing. To live an authentic life for YOU, you need to tell YOUR truth, not the truth as others want to hear it.

Lose Your Fearful Mind

How much of your day is run on autopilot? Our subconscious mind is here to protect us and it runs our thinking and behaviours throughout our life.

This mind that helps us to get through the day and get to work and eat our food and drive a car, is the same mind that holds onto past experiences and thinks “I have always acted this way and I have got through life so I will do exactly that for the rest of my life”.

The problem with this is, this is where our negative self talk comes out to play. This is the part that has not been authentic and does not want to change.

The subconscious mind’s only job is to keep us safe and as far as your mind is concerned you are alive now, so therefore you are safe. So no need to change.

The good news is that the subconscious mind is a faithful servant and when you give to new alternative behaviours that are beneficial, it will make that change.. FAST!

Find out where your negative thoughts and behaviours originated, (you can do that in the meditation or sitting quietly, or sometimes you will need a coach to dig that little bit deeper), when you find this out, you can then make the changes necessary.

To be authentic, you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone. If we stay in our comfort zone, we will be staying the same, that means we don’t grow.

Know that you will survive, thrive, and learn what it is you are meant to know when you do what you are called to do.

Fear can be your biggest teacher or the roadblock to where you want to go. You decide.

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