How To Clear Energy In Your Space

Clear Energy In Your Space

If you are a healer, someone with environmental sensitivities, a meditator, yoga practitioner, or Reiki practitioner, or just someone who wants to feel better ~ you probably already understand how important it is to remove negative energies from your space.

You may also be using various tools to help keep your aura and your spaces clean and clear, such as incense, aromatherapy, or for instance, traditional Native Americans burn sacred herbs ~ either in a bundle tied together loosely or in a shell ~ and allow the smoke to penetrate the aura and the space to purify it.

These herbs are cedar, sage, and sometimes sweetgrass. Native peoples of other countries also use herbs to purify their spaces and for ceremony.

But because so many people are having challenges these days with smoke (and with strong fragrances) some of the tools you might have tried aren’t working as well as they used to for you ~ or you’ve had to abandon them altogether.

Also, if you work in a space that won’t allow you to burn things (such as office buildings or modern healing settings like clinics and hospitals) you’re out of luck!

You can’t even burn candles in hospitals and clinics or nursing homes these but new products are now available that offer you the power to clear your aura and your space without needing to burn anything, and with confidence that you’re not causing further health risks to yourself or the planet.

Made with healers in mind originally, now a liquid version of the traditional sacred herbs is available for use by anyone who wants and needs to clear the energy around their body, or in their home or working spaces.

When you don’t want smoke, or can’t burn things, this is how you clear the space simply and easily. Several kinds of liquid formulas allow you to quickly and easily do the same thing that burning herbs or incense does, but without all the mess and smoke.

One kind of Liquid Smudge is made from the same herbs that are traditionally used by Native Americans to clear their space; it’s made from a combination of organic essential oils and flower essences, in a proprietary blend that allows users the benefit of the clearing power without the burden of smoke.

The pure properties of the essential oils make them less likely to trigger allergic reactions; often, if the fragrance seems too strong even with the organic ingredients, you can spray one time into a room and leave it, then return later (perhaps 5-10 minutes) when the fragrance will have dissipated and it will be more comfortable for you.

If you are a person who can no longer tolerate any strong fragrances because it sets off allergic reactions, you can still clear the energies around you without causing yourself further distress.

Fragrance-free versions are also available through the Sacred Spaces Energy Clearing line. The vibrational properties of the flower essences in these formulas offer you a simple and safe way to clear your energy and your space.

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Go to the following link to get a free report to learn how to clear the energy in a room, and check out all the ways to keep your personal energy fields and spaces clear without smoke:

Nancy Boyd is an Adult/Elder Indigo, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, award-winning writer and award-winning coach. She is the founder and Chief Visionary of Bright Wings, Inc., an empowerment company serving people who are up to something good ~ and offering Soul Guide sessions for people who want to discover what their soul wants for their highest good.

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