Can’t Lose Weight?

lose weight

I know that there are lots of women out there who have tried everything to lose weight – or maybe they manage to lose a bit of weight but then gain it back (perhaps plus some!).

This pattern can go on for ages and is terribly frustrating and disheartening – and often quite unhealthy.

If That Sounds Like You, Ask Yourself The Following:

  • Do I weigh myself a lot and have an emotional response to the number I see on the scales?
  • Do I spend money on things that claim that they will help me to ‘lose weight fast’?
  • Do I go on ‘diets’ which leave me feeling deprived and cranky?
  • Do I feel like my body is my enemy?

If you’ve said yes to these questions – I’m going to put a radical proposal to you. How would you respond if I suggested forgetting about (or at least stop being so preoccupied with) how thick your extra layer is, and how much you weigh?

Instead of having a negative focus on what you need to deprive yourself of to get rid of unwanted fat, how about adopting a more positive focus on providing your body what it needs to build lean muscle?

Now I know the topic of muscle makes many women nervous. Lots of ladies who want to shed fat will immediately recoil at the thought of building muscle, out of a fear that it will make them bigger.  Yet they do say that they want to be ‘toned’.

What a lot of them don’t realise is that building muscle results in a win-win situation for women who want to be slimmer and firmer – since having more muscle actually increases your metabolism (and therefore helps you burn fat), gives shape under your skin i.e. gives you a toned appearance AND actually makes you smaller.

I know it’s counterintuitive, but it’s true!

So, anyway, if you’re one of those people who has tried everything to lose weight, consider shifting your focus from ‘getting rid of your fat’ to ‘building your muscle’.

Find out as much as you possibly can about clean eating, and act on your knowledge. Do things to challenge and strengthen your body.

Set yourself up a support network (virtual, if necessary!) to help keep you motivated and focused on your goal of better health and fitness.

If you’re in a position to join a gym or hire a personal trainer – that’s great! If not – that’s great, too!!! There are actually lots of different things you can do which are cheap or even free.

Have a look around GLC to get some ideas – and if you know of something else, let us know. Also consider tracking your progress using a tape measure (and seeing how your clothes fit) rather than relying on the bathroom scales.

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Dr Clarissa Hughes

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