Are You Connected To Yourself & Others?

Connected To Yourself & Others

The need to be pushing virtual plausibles into our heads most of the day keeps us inattentive to our surroundings.  Accidents happen when we’re not paying attention to the moment. Lives are lost in car accidents.

We can’t even jog now without our ears being plugged into the virtual world, to pacify our need for being evasive.  Not paying attention to your surroundings can put you in a dangerous position.

Joggers are attacked every day. It even seems most of us can’t watch TV without Facebook for one hand, and popcorn/coke for the other hand.  Not being connected is what we fear the most.  My husband went back to bed because he couldn’t find his remote.

He wanted to watch Netflix CNN, which makes him crazy and high-strung. Where do you suppose we as people really fit into this new-life virtual-tech cycle?

One thing we know for sure is that we don’t truly register or process what we look at when we’re rushed.  To be fair, most of us are busy, and/or stressed and walking zombies.  Time is our enemy.  There are any number of excellent reasons for being so self-contained.

But most of the time, if we are honest, we simply fail to act on our empathetic feelings, until we trip over them. It is amazing just how much our eyes can miss.

We get up early experience the same bathroom, bedroom, workplace, living room, traffic, and usually see the same people every day.

Are we not interdependent on each other’s feelings and emotions?  Would any of us dare to wear glasses that records what we truly feel rather than what we see?  We’re all hungry and thirsty for understanding.

Some of us feel your sadness yet we keep silent and walk away. Unfortunately, feeling doesn’t necessarily equate to understanding.  A parrot might repeat over and over, “Poly wants a cracker” but it does not suffer emotionally when it gets none.

We must remember to seize every second and savor it, instead of arguing with what is. Only you, yourself, as much as anybody in the universe deserves your love and attention.  Lack of forgiveness causes most all self-sabotage.

Self-acceptance moves us to be kind.  Kindness is what the world needs.

Attention and mindfulness are not just about sight.  Our other senses come into play too.  How we love to feel the texture of soft towels, or smell the welcoming scents, when mom is cooking turkey in the kitchen.

Part of the process of perception is what we do with that information.  Do you follow the smells, hug your mom and tell her you love her?

Or, do you leave the house without saying goodbye? When you get to work, are you lonely even in a crowded cubicle? Why do not think that is?

You might try this, close your eyes and picture your bed room right now. Then open your eyes and look…really look. You’ll probably remember the main things like a window, a door and a bed.

But did you miss your holiday cards signed with love strung over the window, or the drapes your mom picked out for you, or the chip in your bed headboard that your beloved pooch ate, while you were sleeping not attending to him?

How about the crocheted curtain your grandma made you before she died?  All these memories tug at your heart with gratefulness and joy.  It is sad to not see what you look at.

Possibly, by giving others our full attention, we can prevent the holiday loneliness, depression and suicide.  Some of us get typically self-absorbed during the holidays.

Greetings like “Hi and Goodbye” and “I love you” allow us to be away from others and not feel so lonely.  We carry warmth of speech and spirituality in our hearts. Sharing ourselves with others, helps others as much as ourselves.

Although it is true, every day we are going through a process of self-discovery, what seems like an unwillingness to engage, may be a sign of poor self-confidence.  Be confident. Share yourself.  Greet strangers.  Share a smile or hug.

The longer we walk around with our heart switch off, the less we’ll notice, the more we’ll miss, and the lonelier we will be.

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Joyce WhiteI’m Joyce White, I’m Winged for Art Therapy. We all have true talent. What a shame to waste our lives by not knowing how special we can be. I’ve been slowly and quietly growing and changing into the person I’ve always wanted to be through hard work and persistence.  It is my hope my articles at Global Healing Exchange, will help others smile and find their own passion. Oscar Wilde tells us, “The soul is born old but grows young. That is the comedy of life. And the body is born young and grows old. That is life’s tragedy!

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