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Complaints Women Have About Men

21 Complaints Women Have About Men They Dated

(Only for men that want to be more attractive to women). Hey guys, after working with thousands of women I can tell you I have...
Money Is Energy

Money Is Energy

In a world which is increasingly affluent, rich and abundant, why is that the human consciousness is predominantly focussed upon poverty and scarcity? Why do we...

Change Your Health By Changing Your Point Of Attraction!

How you tell the story of your life seems to be a common message, but it's a vital message that bears repeating and repeating...
Law of Attraction

Can The Law Of Attraction Help You Manage Or Even Reverse Diabetes?

You know that a healthy attitude and positive mindset can have a positive impact on your physical health. Science is proving the mind/body connection...

Depression & The Law Of Attraction

I remember looking at the part of my medical form that stated my diagnosis and reading “Depression”. It was October 2003 and I had just...
subconscious mind

7 Ways To Achieve & Maintain A Clear & Healthy Subconscious Mind

We are all vibrational beings, as is everything in our universe. How we are vibrating dictates what we attract to ourselves. This is called the...

The Secrets To Getting What You Dream Of Right Now

So many people achieve the life they dream of. How do they do this? Is it purely just about saying affirmations, or is there...

How Your Energy Field Can Change Your Life

Each of us has our own energy field. As well as being physical beings, we are emotional beings and energetic beings. Just like your...
law of attraction

The Law of Attraction. What Are You Attracting Into Your Life?

The Law of Attraction tells us like attracts like. What we put out into the universe is what we get back from the universe. So...
Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction. Ask For Evidence

You make a request. You wait for an answer. You don’t feel you get one. It sometimes feels as though the Universe is just...


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