True World Order, Not New World Order. A Wake Up Call.

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This article is in response to a question by a patient, who, like many, is concerned about the so called New World Order and those that have controlled the destiny of the world for their own selfish lust for money, power and control (in particular, one group often referred to as The Illuminati).

What follows is my story of how I have found out the way to go beyond and overcome these forces without entering in their world. I have called this The True World Order.

At time the USA invaded Iraq, a patient asked me.

“What do you I think of the war?”

“I don’t think about it,” I replied.

“What do you mean?” she said.

“Well, I try my best not to think about it,” I answered.

“That’s a big cop out,” the fervent New Ager said.

“Why would I think about the war?” I said. “All I would then be doing is added more negative energy to an already ridiculously negative situation. I would rather think about butterflies.”

She looked at me as if I was loopy and promptly dropped the topic.

I understood where she was coming from and was making a point only because she had asked (I have long learn not to open my mouth unless I am asked about a topic).

In short, I try hard not to have an opinion. For opinions are simply ego games and when they are fixed and inflexible, any discussion goes nowhere.

My point was that all thought is connected, and you don’t help a situation by having a negative opinion about it, and any opinion of mine about the war in Iraq would have been a negative energy opinion.

The intrepid questioner couldn’t get where I was coming from. Once upon a time, I wouldn’t have either.

Back in my university days in the ‘70s, I was a fervent protester about all things that seemed unjust. I, like many, believed that protesting was the way to bring change into the world.

I have since come to understand that the injustice in the world is a reflection of the consciousness of the people and that the only way I can contribute to creating a better, freer, more wonderful planet is by changing myself.

I have learnt that when I do this, my energy field begins to vibrate on a finer level, which sends out a ripple effect into the universe and contributes to changing all things for the better.

Exactly the same happens with negative opinions and thoughts, further feeding into an already dark situation.

The hardest part of this to get is the fact that we are really all connected, so everyone can pick up our thoughts.

Of course people aren’t consciously aware of this yet, but on a subconscious level this is a fact. Notice how the global financial crisis is affecting the entire world?

The same principal applies to this and indeed the GFC is a direct result of the massive shift in individual’s consciousness that is silently happening. For the old ways – which revolve around greed and power – cannot be sustained anymore and are crumbling away.

Silent forces are at work that are unseen and unnoticed by those who control the power in the world; those of individuals who are changing themselves and as a result dismantling the New World Order.

There is a revolution taking place not on the streets but within us as individuals, where only true change can occur. The so called New World Order control freaks can’t do a single thing to stop it.

As people start to free themselves, they find themselves. They WAKE UP to what’s been going on and once awake, they can no longer be CONTROLLED.

These are the ones who will inherit the earth, for they are led by the essence of themselves – their SOULS – not by their EGOS, as are those who wish to dominate and control the world.

The controllers cannot get the fact that there really are people, who in finding their true self can no longer be controlled, and that in this freedom is the real power.

Some Handy Tips For The Journey To Freedom Of Self:

1)    Don’t bother studying the whole New World Order thing; it is enough to know it exists and that governments only make major decisions the controllers behind the scenes want.

If you go too deeply into it, you will get depressed and angry and only add your negative thought to an already black situation.

   Believe in your ability to add to the collective and WAKE UP.

   Know that we are truly connected as one, and that when you change properly (not just window dress yourself), real change will take place.

For real change only occurs when you truly want it, when you ask for it and when you find a process that gives you the tools to change.

Above all, stop OVER THINKING and using 3rd dimensional processes to try and understand what is going on. Remember – the controllers of the world are limited, for they believe that this three-dimensional reality we exist in is all there is.

You know and I know this level is but one small part of a consciousness that goes way beyond – and the real power is beyond.

By freeing ourselves from our conditioned and programmed baggage, we can all access whatever is necessary to help transform the world and planet into what it truly deserves to be.

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Peter Hoddle  

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