How Fear Blocks Faith


Faith is a knowing and a trusting that the universe will protect and guide you. Fear casts doubt on all things and when fear is active within you it invades every part of your being.

There are small fears and large fears (which can led you into terror). For example, one person may be fearful of a large spider another may be terrified of the same spider.

All fear has its origin in our history; we learn it as a result of a previous experience. One lady who was terrified of spiders recalled under hypnotic regression that her older brother had placed spiders on her face while she slept as a young child.

Another woman who had fear of men in intimate situations relived being inside her mother womb when her father punched her mother in the stomach trying to bring on an miscarriage. He didn’t want another child.

In the light of this information, it is easy to understand these individual’s current fears. By bringing these buried memories to the surface, these embedded fear patterns dissolve and the fear evaporates.

However, there is a core fear that most people often carry. If you are like me, you may not even realise that you have this fear. This fear can infiltrate every fibre of your being and all other fear, like those mentioned above, loaded on top of the core fear.

I have, while on my journey of self-discovery, overcome many fears and become stronger and more confident as a result.

However, one day not that long ago, I found myself engulfed by an avalanche of fear, way beyond any fear I had previously experienced. During a meditation, I relived a past life experience as a young woman living in what was Malaya during the latter stages of WW2.

I was shot by the Japanese for hiding an American airman, who had been shot down. I died in terror and great shame.

The terror was from knowing I was to be executed; the shame/guilt from letting my fellow villagers down, some of whom were also executed before my eyes.

I returned to my current life as Peter some six years later and brought the overwhelming fear with me.

By recalling the all-pervading fear of that past life, I became acutely aware that I had unknowingly carried this core fear with me throughout my current life.

As a result of becoming aware and feeling the fear, I felt as if I had been dismantled; the old me was totally shattered and I didn’t know who I was anymore.

Yet another part of me knew I simply had to ride it through. I wrote out my past emotion. I yelled, I ranted and raved. In short, I worked at releasing the fear.

Bit by bit, something began to surface; pieces began to emerge. I knew that I was now different, yet I couldn’t explain what or how. I began to see everything in a different light.

The old ego –  that had protected me by suppressing these past memories and kept me safe – was shattered and something else from the depths of my being began to emerge.

I was more ‘me’ than I had ever been. Faith was expanding where the fear had been. And so my journey continues…

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Peter Hoddle

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