Abundance & Lack Of Abundance. How Do You Get More?


The law of attraction means that your vibration attracts a similar vibration (like really does attract like).

If you vibrate abundance, you will attract it; if you vibrate lack, that’s what you will get – more lack.

You may consciously seek abundance but be ruled by an unconscious belief that emanates lack, or vice versa.

I remember the story of the man who inherited his father’s great wealth and gave it all away because his conscious belief was that he didn’t deserve the wealth, as he had not earned it.

Within 12 months he had become a wealthy man again, as his unconscious belief was that of wealth.

All of his life, he had only know the lifestyle of wealth so that was what dominated his vibration and in a short time over came his conscious belief of not deserving. He ended up in the same financial position he had in the first place.

Perhaps We Can Divide Abundance Into 3 Parts:

  1. Financial / material
  2. Creative / expressive
  3. Spiritual

Some people have financial abundance but little or no creative or spiritual abundance. Have you noticed how many with money lack happiness? The reason being that they have focused on money / power / status and forgotten the other two aspects.

Some others have plenty of creativity, for example the painter Van Gogh, yet he had nothing financially nor spiritually.

Others may have so much spiritual abundance that they struggle to live in life and certainly don’t find the all-important balance of life. They are in the cosmic clouds.

The key the attaining the three parts in balance is to heal your sense of self-value, for it is simply a lack of belief in deserving that keeps you in lack, with abundance out of your reach.

So look deeply into your history and heal the earlier wounded you. Once this is done, abundance on all its levels is yours, for it is what you truly are.

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Peter Hoddle

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