Feminine Empowerment, Sex Magik, And Energy Signatures

Feminine Empowerment

I have been asked over the past few days a number of questions and fielded even more comments.  Let me set the record straight here.  To quote a mentor “Sex magik is the application of sexual energy in ceremony for programming, healing, manifestation or other desired effects.”

It can not be stated much simpler.  Sex magik does not have anything to do with the act of sex.

Let me share a story.  A woman I know was sexually abused as a child.  This singular act caused blocks in her sexual energy for years and years.  She had gone to traditional therapy and support groups.

As an adult she had a surface level relationship with a partner.  She had gone through the traditional and non traditional energy releasing and balancing acts.  She now was doing what  she herself termed “light work”.

She was, however, unable to manifest anything.  She helped other people, but nothing seemed to heal the wounds that she had deep inside.  Relationships were always difficult; intimacy even more so.

After working through blocks engaging in sex magik, today the woman is thriving, has intimate relationships with herself and with others, and has become empowered.  It had nothing to do with sex.

I know of another case where a woman had not had an orgasm for over six years.  She had relationships.  Doctors told her she was unable to attain an orgasm but had no reasoning why.

Releasing blocks and finding her own power again she reclaimed it and has an active intimate life today.  She is now embarking on taking that same empowering energy and using sex magik to cause her cash register to have “orgasmic” experiences.

Another case study, a woman who was gang raped.  Victimized it stole her power.  Stole her being.  She traveled a path that was not pretty.

Through sex magik she was able to restore her identity, restore her power, and go on to help other woman, though sex magik, to reclaim their identities and power.

It is imperative to understand that everything is energy.  Thoughts, actions, and sexual encounters.  Everything we encounter, everything we feel, and everything that think has energy.

It moves, it breathes, it flows constantly.  Energy has signatures.  Sexual energy has signatures.  Emotions have signatures.  Actions have signatures.

The power in sex magik, whether male or female, is that the individual becomes very clear in who they are.  They find their authentic self.

When you can live within your center, in complete balance with yourself, it allows for the flow of energy to happen naturally and effortlessly.  This is a place of unconditional love.

Unfortunately, most live from a fear based center.  Fear that is either old programs, societies programs, or past traumas.  This fear based center robs you of your power.  It steals your ability to live within the flow of life and be your true self.

For many woman especially the struggle with fear is based in sexuality.  From the old programs of society where sex is “bad” and anything that feels good is “wrong”.

Society perpetuates this value.  Add to that the abuse, trauma, and victimization it is not a wonder that woman in our society have lost their own empowerment of self.

As a woman’s power is lost she then begins to lie to herself that it must just be a part of life.  She puts on mask and pretends to the world everything is ok.  This mask creates blocks.

In working with Sex Magik and the energetic signatures that go along with it, we are returning to what was a natural part of the flow of life.  Returning to the feminine empowerment of creation.  Creation of life, love, and joy.

Energy.  Everything is energy.  Energy flows inantely.  It can be directed but not controlled.  Blocks direct it around you instead of through you.  Energy must flow if it is going to remain healthy.  If it is blocked it becomes stagnant.

Sex magik is not new.  Sex magik is not just about sexual intercourse.  Sex magik is about energy and energy exchange. It is time for woman to reclaim their power.  It is time for the art of sex magik to be taught as a methodology just the same as meditation or drumming.

Take a really long hard look in the mirror.  Look at your own energy.  Not your physical energy, but that spark deep inside.

Are you allowing energy to flow in and out naturally, or are you stagnant?  Are you looking for some sort of magic wand or magic pill to fix “something”?

I can assure you that you can do all the manifestation’s and energy workings you wish, but if you are not able to flow energy as an empowered person, that flow won’t be there.

The Divine within you is powerful – allow her to shine through.

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Dr Carla Goddard

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