The Inner Spoke Walk – Enlightenment


We have seen the gateway to the spiritual world.  We have reflected upon beliefs and attitudes, their definitions and the connection between all things.  We have reflected upon relationships and interconnectedness between all things, all elements and all worlds.

We have reflected upon our shadows and dark side, discovered our defects and thoughts, and learned large chunks of truth about our self.  What remains?

All that has been reflected upon, discovered and even discarded have been physical, mental, and emotional.  This is the spoke where we journey to the spiritual world and see how it is an integral part of life emotionally, mentally, and physically.

It is where the faith in the presence of the Divine exists.  We discovered and surrendered to this faith on another walk.  This is a deep inner journey to look where your own spirit is today.

Whether your spirit is scattered and splintered from the places of your unfinished business and responsibilities, this is where your spirit returns in complete unity.

The very essence of this spoke is to discover the moment in unity with the Divine spiritual world. For some it will be the basis of a spiritual awakening – the beginning.

For others it will be a personal journey in discovering and coming into a complete trust in a Divine presence that becomes unshakable.

This is a journey into other realms of existence that will forever shift the very soul of your being.  Some will refer to this a vision quest.  It is here that we end our walk around the spokes.

It is here that once the questions are answered, a reflection and meditation are preparation for a deeper more meaningful spiritual experience.

The questions to ask upon this journey are vast and personal.  This is a continuous journey that lasts a lifetime.

Though you may return to walk another spoke on a new journey at another time, you will always return to the spoke that allows you to stand in the center of the wheel.

The center of wheel is where the Divine Source is always found within.  It is here that you may find your true life purpose and your true authentic power.  It is here that you define your understanding of the Divine.

Before I begin my journey to the center, I ask myself questions such as these.

What fears do I have in knowing my life purpose?  What fears do I have in my own understanding of the Divine Source.

Do I sit in judgment of my own journey or do I trust the Divine to guide?  Do I question my own faith and trust in the Divine Source?  Do I feel that I have failed the Divine in my choices and paths?

Do I have a code of ethics defined?  Does it still work with the shifts of my vision and my expanded awareness?  Have I violated my own spiritual code of ethics?

It is important to redefine and reflect upon spiritual terms as well.  Prayer is a connection with the Divine – what is my feelings upon prayer?

Meditation is my listening to the Divine Source – what is my feelings upon meditation?  Is my prayer and meditation fulfilling my needs and desires?  Prayer does not mean simply going to the Divine Source with my problems only to have the Divine solve them.

Prayer also means asking for guidance to solve the problem myself.  Meditation is listening to that guidance.  Thus prayer is not speaking but rather communing with.  Am I only speaking or am I communing with?

What sort of questions have I been seeking guidance for?  Have I been listening for the answer?

Do I not ask certain things because I fear the guidance?

Do I try to make bargains with the Divine for solutions?  Do I complain about my life to the Divine or give gratitude for my life?

Do I have a definite spiritual path to follow?  Why or why not?

How would I change my life if the Divine Source were here in the physical realm to answer my prayer and questions?

What are my spiritual truths?  Can I define them?

Do I fear having a closer relationship with the Divine Source?  Am I afraid of what may be asked of me if I do?  What changes may happen in my life if I do?  Can I accept the changes on faith?

Am I open and willing to surrender all in a vision quest?

This concludes the Medicine Wheel walk around the outer and inner spokes.  We have come to the center of the wheel.

If you have answered the questions honestly, been open minded in thought, and written faithfully, then you have learned much about yourself and your relationship with all of your relations.  You have discovered your life purpose perhaps and re-evaluated your beliefs.

I encourage you to keep a journal of your thoughts and emotions as you continue to walk the wheel spokes each year and see how it has made shifts in your life.  This is your journey and not mine, adapt the journey so that it resonates with your path.

A side note:  many times as you work the spokes of the wheel into your life, it becomes necessary to find a spiritual mentor that you can develop a trust with.

In sharing your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs with another person after having completed the journey around the wheel, new insights can be obtained.  Many religious and spiritual leaders are available for this purpose.

Today, I still walk the wheel twice a year.  The end of Spring into early Summer and again at the end of Fall into early Winter.  After my journey around the wheel is complete, I spend time in a vision quest.

This year I will be on a three day fire vision quest as part of Sacred Pathways Global Vigil. My wish is that your journey has caused you to become uncomfortable – perhaps cry, gotten angry and remained to pray and meditate.

This simply means that the journey has begun to clear the path into the light that will be full of joy and love.

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Carla Goddard

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