Your Angels Are Waiting


It’s true, we all have guardian angels!  Yet, most of us rarely acknowledge their presence or seek their help.

Your angels are with you always and they are waiting; waiting for you to ask for their loving help and guidance in all areas of your life.

Your Angels Are Waiting…

It’s true, we all have guardian angels!  Yet, most of us rarely acknowledge their presence or seek their help.

Your angles are with you always and they are waiting; waiting for you to ask for their loving help and guidance in all areas of your life.

Angels are celestial beings of pure, Divine love and light.  They are created from God’s love and as such can only serve to bring about peace; negativity cannot exist in their realm.

The angels are here to protect, heal and guide us; bringing us closer to Heaven on earth.  Each of us has a guardian angel; you can have one or several and can always request more.

These angels chose us and are here to guide us in our lives from the time we are born until we pass from this earth, no exceptions.  The angels love us unconditionally and want to help us be happy and at peace, following God’s will.

The angels must respect our free will as that is God’s gift to all humans. They cannot interfere in our life and can only help us when we ask.  The only exception is when there is a life endangering situation that would bring about our death before it is our time.

In Order To Receive Assistance From Your Angels, You Must Request It.

No special training or formal invocation is required; simply your sincere desire and call is all that is needed.  You can think, write, say or even sing your wishes; your angels are listening.

No appeal is too big or too small; your angels want to help you with anything because when you are at peace, the world is one person closer to peace on Earth.  They wish we would not struggle with our life issues and merely call upon them for relief.

Although hard times can teach us valuable lessons, living in joy and peace teaches far more quickly.  All our angels ask is our thanks and glory to God; they are His messengers here to help us.

Begin by perhaps thinking of an issue over which you are currently toiling and ask your guardian angels for help with it.

It can be help with finding a new job, a relationship problem, passing a test, financial support or healing a health issue; just ask and then listen.

Once you seek direction from your angels, you must be aware of their messages.  God and our angels communicate with us through our intuition.

Each one of us are intuitive, but many of us choose to ignore our gut feelings, whispers and voices in our head and we dismiss them as our imagination.

Our angels will send us counsel and support through our intuition but it remains our choice to listen just as it is our choice to ask.  Asking is not enough, you must be open to receiving their help; you must listen.

If you hear guidance from your angels intuitively (which can include our dreams) but you are unsure, you can ask for a sign.  It’s the same as asking for anything else; just tell your angels your need a sign to know if this is the right choice.

Then be on the attentive because angels will send us signs in many forms; an obscure feather, found coin, smell of flowers, ringing in our ears, spontaneous music or whatever you need to give you the confidence to follow their advice.

You will know when it’s a sign from your angels if you choose to trust them.

Often the help will need will arrive in other forms besides out thoughts and feelings.  You may meet a person who can help you, find essential information, receive an item that you have wanted in an extraordinary way, or events will occur that lead to a solution.

What we do with the assistance we are given is again completely our choice.  Many people will ignore it because they are not paying attention or frankly do not have faith.  When you are working with your angels, faith a trust are the only ways you will be able to receive.

Without faith, you will constantly ask for help but never to able to receive it which will lead to an endless lack of the very faith you need.

When you call on Heaven’s help, be prepared to receive it on God’s terms.  The angels have a better view of our world and life, so it may seem as though they are not granting every desire as we state it.

Usually situations like this are a blessing in disguise and, at some point in the future, you will understand why something did not happen exactly how you wanted it.

Sometimes there are lessons we must learn, people we must meet, struggles we must encounter and failures we must endure to get to a better place.

And sometimes, our angels protect us from our own desires and later information will be revealed that will uncover why it was not fulfilled at the time we asked.  Never doubt Heaven, God and the angels always know best; that is faith.

Once you start working with your angels, make it a habit by relying on them for, well, everything.

I ask them to help with tables at restaurants, parking spaces, chairs at the community pool, fixing broken appliances, and planning vacations as well as my life dreams and major issues.

I know that if it makes my life easier, they want to help me because that is their purpose.

If you are insecure about communicating with your angels, an angelic reading is very effective for opening the door.  An Angel Intuitive works with their angels and yours to give you messages about your concerns or just a general message from your angels.

It is a wonderful, positive experience that can change your life by allowing you to see the power of your angels’ guidance and feel their intense love for you.

You can also do readings on your own with Angel Cards that can be found in any bookstore; but just like asking for their help you must have invincible faith and often people do not like to do these on their own initially because they need the confidence of an experienced reader to lead them.

It is best to seek a reader from a referral or some place you trust to ensure your faith in the reading.

Whatever You Need Right Now, Why Not Ask Your Angels For Help; They Are Waiting…

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