The Healing Power Of Thought

Healing Power Of Thought

Guess what? Your thoughts are alive! They’re not just random contemplations that disintegrate into nothingness, they have an energy vibration and they are completely alive.

Therefore when you think about something for long enough, you can actually make it come true. This isn’t New Age woo woo, it is scientific fact.

You have the ability to heal through the power of your thoughts and you can do this for yourself, others, even animals and Earth.

Everybody can do this, you don’t have to be ‘spiritual’ or a healer and it doesn’t require special training. It’s simply a matter of desire, intention and using your imagination.

If you would like to send healing to yourself, another in ill health or pain, the victims of CHCH and Japan, war torn countries or Mother Earth, the procedure is the same.

Simply tap into the love in your heart and visualise sending peace, love and healing to the recipient in need. Have the intention of it being welcomed and received, where it can be put to the greatest use. You can do this as long and often as you like.

Distance is irrelevant and you cannot get it wrong. Healing thoughts are always received; however you cannot over ride the free will of the recipient. You cannot heal somebody who doesn’t want to be healed.

As your thoughts are alive, be mindful not to worry for others as your fearful thoughts can contribute to their outcome. The best thing you can do is have faith that they’ll come through and send them positive thoughts.

So don’t worry for the victims of disaster, instead put those thoughts to good use and help them make it through. Nothing is more powerful than ‘collective’ positive thought. So lets have faith in Christchurch, it’s the best thing we can do.

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