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Fitness & Wellness Tips

11 Fitness & Wellness Tips To Better Health

If you want better health, here are some great tips for you. 1. Set A Schedule - Be realistic. If you have neglected your classes...

Self-Belief. Belief In Others. Spiritual & Religious Belief.

When I think of the word ‘beliefs’ I think of several things. What I would like to do for this article is to separate...
Beliefs In Childbirth

The Impact Of Beliefs In Childbirth: Transforming Fear To Love

Each individual woman’s belief systems surrounding her ability to give birth to her baby can have a significant and lasting impact on her direct...
What Are The Effects Of Stress On The Body

What Are The Effects Of Stress On The Body?

This is an interview with Dr Shami, a GP and an integrative doctor about stress and the effects of stress on the body. I...
Self-Confidence After Baby

Finding Your Self-Confidence After Baby

Being a mum is hard work. Not only is there a little person 100% dependent on you, but your confidence and your health can...
Self-Love. Foam Rolling

Self-Love. Foam Rolling

Daily life gets SO busy doesn’t it? It's so full of stuff to do all the time! Sometimes it feels like time is being sucked...

Self-Love & Chakras

Self-love is a huge topic with a wealth of information written about it, with many contrasting and conflicting views. In this article we are going...
love yourself

Do You Love Yourself Too Much?

What is self-love? What does it look like? Do you love yourself?  Are the motivations to self-love pure? Or is it just seated in...
self love exercises

Self Love Exercises To Brighten Your Day [Self Value]

I worked through the question of self-love many times in my journey to become a wellness coach, but it emerged as an issue for...
Self-Care Starts With Intuition

Self-Care Starts With Intuition

Self-care is important in ensuring that we live the healthiest life possible, and self-care starts with intuition. Intuition is an instinctive response that comes without...

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