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Releasing Trauma Through Sound Healing

Last night it was a super moon. A super moon is the time when the moon is closer to the earth and it looks...
releasing emotions

Releasing Painful Emotions

It has been 14.5 years since my dad left this world. They say time heals and I believe it does and sometimes it feels...

Emotional Abuse – The Silent Killer

We all know emotional abuse does not actually kill us physically but it does exactly that to us mentally. It eats away at our...

Jealousy – What Does It Look Like Energetically?

Question:  You said that you ‘saw’ jealousy as the root cause of my energetic problem, can you explain what that looks and feels like...
Set Fire To Your Emotions

Learning To Set Fire To Your Emotions

There are times in every person’s life that become stressful and frustrating. It is part of the human experience. Even the most spiritual people...
Energy Balancing

Energy Balancing Using RAW & How It Can Help You

Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (often referred to as RAW) accesses traumas from past, present and future lives, in a non-invasive way, releasing failures, fears and...
Patterns Of Behavior

Why Is It So Hard For Us To Stop Certain Patterns Of Behavior?

Why do we think we have moved on from a traumatic event and yet re-act exactly the same way we first did again and...

My Own Story: Living With & Beyond Abuse

Listen To My Story, My Way Every day of my life, I’ve thrown myself into my work as a means of denial and escape from...

When It’s Time To Let Go Of Grief

“ I can understand another’s soul only by transforming my own, as one person transforms his hand by placing it in another’s.” – Paul...

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