How Emotions Affect Self

How Emotions Affect Self

Emotions have been researched and discovered for many years, by doctors, psychologists, neuroscientists etc. There has been real curiosity about this subject, as it helps us learn about the most important thing in this world, and that’s you.

By uncovering how emotions function and operate, it unlocks many doors about the self. It is important for us to learn how emotions affect self.

We as humans are intricate, yet simple creatures that have a multitude of layers and dimensions within self.

Emotions are a very big aspect of our identity. Now with science delving deeper into the mind, body, spirit connections, emotions naturally become a subject of great interest.

Emotions are a way in which to respond to a person, place, event and or a situation. A feeling is how we choose to respond to that emotion. An emotion is an intense response that is short term, yet a feeling is more sustainable and longer lasting.

Emotions create a physical reaction within the body and feelings can determine your experiences and stories that are set in place within your mind.

Emotions have been identified by 3 distinct components: a subjective experience which evokes a physiological response within the body that arouses a behavioral response.

Our emotions are triggered by what we see, hear, feel, know, taste and information that you process from external sources.

Once that external trigger evokes an emotion that is short term, it creates a physiological body response that we respond to through our actions and behaviors.

Our feeling and emotions tie back into one another. We feel an emotion yet we think about a feeling. How you’re probably wondering?

Each different emotion holds an energetic vibration that resonates deep into the cellular structure of your physical, mental/emotional, soul and spiritual self.

Altering every layer both internally and emanating a frequency externally, into the auric and universal layers. Then reflecting back that initial energetic imprint back to self.

The body has been mapped out by chakras and meridians that date back hundreds of years. Each meridian and chakra group connect together the organs, nerves, tissue etc. that emotions reside within.

The connection that binds both the emotions and physical self is via the millions of nerves in the body.

The interrelationship of the mind and body is through the spinal cord which acts like an elevator or messenger of information.

The mind processes the information from the emotion and it travels down the spinal cord and delivers a response within the region that it’s mapped out to deliver to.

A response from the region will be delivered back to the brain to process the response of that delivery.

Now the more times that emotion/feeling is triggered, the faster the relay of information is delivered to that specific part of the body.

If the emotion is of dense energy like anger, shame or guilt, just to name a few. The region, (let’s say the lungs) will become weakened over time manifesting itself into illness.

Like colds a flus and other additional illness. The body will give indicators that there is an imbalance, change is required to bring a state of balance back to the body, hence changing the cellular memory in that region.

This is where the soul/spiritual connection comes into play with emotions. It sends subconscious messages hinting to you that you may need to change the way you think, as thoughts create our reality.

So if you change the thoughts that respond to a person, place, event or situation it will change the emotional response and physical reaction occurring to that area, therefore changing the emotional energy being dispersed within that area.

Let’s say that something triggers you to become angry.

That dense vibrational energy will travel down from the mind, deposit itself into the cells of a specific area of the body, changing the physiology components and then you will react to the physiological body response by lashing out either verbally or through your actions and behaviors as a way to express that emotion of anger.

So with that being said, we can change any of these reactions and choose to respond differently, therefore changing the outcome through neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is the ability to change how the brain functions and operates. As everything you see, heal, feel, know & taste evokes a process of internal response.

You can at anytime interrupt the transmission of information that is being relayed throughout your whole entire self. Being your mind, body, spirit and soul self.

You can choose to think differently which will put you in a new emotional state. Therefore the reactionary response will filter a different neurological response within the physical body and your actions and behaviors will be channeled differently.

At any time your emotions can alter the whole physicality of self.

We have a responsibility to ourselves to live in alignment with self. How we do that is how we process information on how we think and feel about the world we live in. Life is full of choices and we decide how we want to live within this reality.

We are here to experience life and the more knowledge you learn about yourself offers insight into how you operate within this reality.

Knowledge of knowing what triggers unpleasant emotional states and choosing to react differently, allows you to feel good about yourself.

Choosing to work on intense emotional states, progressing to actions and behaviors that leave you feeling not so great about yourself, keep you in flight or fight mode, eventually wears you down and prevents your ability to grow and expand and build great relationships with self and others.

As humans we all experience things differently. Two people can be at the same situation yet both choose different emotional states due to their beliefs, values and feelings towards that situation so therefore both parties will have a entirely different outcome from that same situation.

As humans we have free will to choose how we respond and react to every experience.

We are all designed the same yet experience the same world differently, yet we have choices, so why not choose choices that align you with your higher self?

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