Store Bought Muesli: Should I Or Shouldn’t I?


Breakfast, I dream about it and sometimes can’t sleep properly due to the excitement of what’s install for my morning meal. Am I sad? Don’t answer that…..

The Muesli Natalie Carter’s Top Pick

My breakfast of champions choice! This is a approved store bought muesli that not only tastes amazing but is right up there nutrition wise. Packed with raw nuts, seeds, rolled oats, coconut. They also do a gluten free version!

This replaces the rolled oats with puffed rice and amaranth (they are currently working on a new formula too, how exciting!) Hello! Delicious City.

See below in the nutritional panel about how The Muesli kicks the arses of pretty much all other breakfast cereals.

High protein, good fats and SO LOW IN SUGAR! Especially if you are busy and don’t have time for a protein feast (eggs, etc) this will do a great job of providing you with slow sustained release energy for your day.

Your insides will love you too, they get a good old sweep out form the seeds contained in the mix. Visit their website to order yours today.

The Muesli nutritional panel

The Muesli Nutritional Panel

Table Of Plenty

I was gagging for my box to arrive and when I saw it on my door step I’m not going to lie, I cheered in excitement. Table Of Plenty muesli’s are currently in Coles and Woolworths. They taste delicious but does delicious equal nutritious?

In TOP’s case, yes it kinda does. Most muesli’s in supermarkets are filled with loads of dried fruit and processed items, TOP’s are free from additives and colours. Nicely Nutty contains rolled oats, nuts.

I try to minimise my consumption of processed items (things from boxes) but when pushed for time, as long as it’s a close to whole as possible, can be a time saving and figure friendly option.

Nutritional Info:

Nicely Nutty
Nicely Nutty
Morning Sun
Morning Sun

A serve (45g) accompanied with some organic yoghurt  makes a delightful start to the day.

Nicely Nutty doesn’t have any dried fruit in it (I love that! Dried fruit just doesn’t cut it for me – you may as well eat a few teaspoons of sugar!).

The nuts will keep you fuller for longer and also the lower sugar content will stabilise blood sugar levels till your next meal. In comparison, Morning Sun, another store bought muesli has fewer calories but the overall nutrition outlook doesn’t always make it the better choice.

It has higher sugar, salt and ingredients than Nicely Nutty. I tend to choose fat over sugar (as long as it’s not a nutrient void food e.g I would choose the higher fat content of nuts to have little sugar content a nut bar over a muesli bar)

Be wise when choosing your muesli, especially if trying to avoid sugar. Table Of Plenty has 12g of sugar per 100g however per serve 45g it has under 6g.

It contains sugars and therefore should be a sometimes food. If you are removing sugar in general stick to The Muesli one.

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