Charging Your Batteries

Charging Your Batteries

When working with clients, I often tell them that they are a living battery. I’m sure you can feel the truth of this in a metaphorical sense. When you are feeling good from living well, you will always have energy – you will be holding a good charge.

But when I say that we are batteries, I mean this in a very literal sense as well. Consider that each of us maintains an electromagnetic field.

As we become run down or progressively unhealthy, our energy field diminishes accordingly. If you allow your energy field to diminish below that of the people around you, you will, by the nature of electrical energy transfer, begin to draw off of them.

Anyone that drains your energy in this way each time you’re around them is a “drainer”. They may not be drawing off of you consciously, but they are doing it nonetheless.

This is why so many health care professionals are so exhausted at the end of each day – the people that go to them aren’t just receiving advice or treatment, they are quite literally drawing on the energy of their professional.

To help elaborate on this idea I want to look at what L. Ron Hubbard called a “tone scale”. Hubbard developed this scale to describe the energy level of an individual, as well as the collective energy level of all the people in a room.

The scale ranges from 1-4, with a “1” being an unhappy, disgruntled person and a “4” being a happy, productive person.

If you are a “4” and your co-worker comes to you as a “2” after a stressful meeting with the boss, chances are good you will pull them up to a productive “3” on the tone scale.

If, on the other hand you are run down and just putting in the time so you can pay the bills, you may be a “2”. If that same co-worker comes to you as a “3”, you may end up pulling them down.

They may not feel it at the time you are working with them or speaking to them, but soon enough they will realize that every time the two of you are together, they leave feeling devitalized.

Eventually you may find that you see your coworker less and less. Again this may not be a conscious decision, but they will make it nonetheless.

They will choose to work with someone that may be less skilled, but who brings a full battery and a “4” on the tone scale. Wouldn’t you make the same decision?

To The Heart Of The Matter!

Interestingly, what L. Ron Hubbard never knew because he died long before the institute of HeartMath did their research, is that the electromagnetic activity of one person’s heart is transferred into another person’s body as soon as you touch or stand near them!

Yes, you read correctly. All you have to do to affect another person with your energy field, particularly that of your heart – the organ of emotion – is to stand close to them.

In fact the electromagnetic field of the heart is approximately 5,000 times greater in strength than that of the brain and can be detected several feet away from the body with sensitive instruments.

What this means, is that your emotional state, be it fear, tension, stress, insecurity, love, compassion, caring, passion or excitement, is picked up by bodies of those around you.

When a person hears a musical piece, they are immediately affected by the emotional energy of that piece – the music can literally carry them away.

We do the same with all whom we come into contact by either enhancing their state, maintaining it, or degrading it, and it all depends on the state that we are in at the time.

This is just one reason why being at your best mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state is so important.

The fact that we are batteries and that we can affect each other in this way supports one of the most important principles for any PPS Practitioner. You cannot care for others any better than you care for yourself.

The less you take care of yourself, the more likely you are to be lower on the tone scale. This means your electromagnetic field will pull others around you down as well.

If you want to improve your work environment, or to improve your relationships, the most crucial piece of advice I can give is to take care of yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Simply by charging your battery and by becoming a happy and successful person yourself, you will elevate the energy and positivity of those around you. Your electromagnetic field will draw those around you towards a more positive place.

Once you become practiced at taking care of yourself, you can start actively transferring energy to those around you.

All you need do is transmit your energy into someone in whatever form you feel is best for him or her at the moment.

For example, if they are feeling tired and run down, send them lifting, motivating energy. If they are feeling depressed, send them happy energy if that is what they need.

The more you practice providing others with the energy they need, the better you will become at it, and the stronger your abilities to produce and convey that energy will become. Take care when doing this though.

This energy should supplement and empower the drive to move up the tone scale in those you’re sending your energy to.

You don’t want to have all of your own vitality siphoned off by those who aren’t interested in growing and bettering themselves.

By the application of these basic principles, everyone around you will notice the elevation of their tone, or peak state. This is likely to elevate the people around them, too.

The inevitable result is that one or more of the people interacting with you that after seeing you there is a transformation of their energy and presence.

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Paul Chek

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