Start Now To Live Longer

Start Now To Live Longer

How do you see yourself ageing? Close your eyes and think of yourself in 20/30/40 years from now. What do you look like? How are you walking? Are you fit strong and standing up straight?

Are you vibrant and pain free and able to play with your grandchildren? If not – why not?

Do you know that you are creating your future self with that picture in your mind, as well as your daily habits? So if you don’t like it what you see – start working on creating a new picture of you to grow into.

It’s said if we live to 80 we have a little more than 4000 week, which doesn’t sound like much. If we live to 100 that’s only 5000-odd weeks.

Good quality lifestyle changes are essential to ensure your longevity – in six months you will wish you should have started now.

The average person at 40 years has neck and back pain, joint pain, digestive issues, fatigue and insomnia; they are also overweight and malnourished at the same time. We are all totally responsible for the quality of our health and life.

Health is accumulated through our constant daily choices. You can’t just buy it later. A little bit every day ensures you can age with pride, dignity and enjoyment.

We are so lucky to live in a country with smog-less skies, clean coastlines and green pastures producing rich and healthy foods.

Most of our livestock are grass fed animals, unlike other countries. We have farmers markets with spray-free and organic produce.

Yet through lack of education and mass marketing most people do not know how to live daily to create a great future for the later years.

Most have forgotten what real food is as they load up their supermarket trolley with cereals, processed breads, and soft drinks.

It takes a real shift in thinking to create a better future – no matter where you are at the present. Albert Einstein once said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it”.

The good news is that our bodies are constantly renewing. We totally renew ourselves in seven years. “Use it or lose it” is an old saying.

This goes for our minds as well as our bodies. Write down your dream of how you want to be when you are in your later years.

Read it often so this is the picture you create. Keep your mind active as well as your body; learn new things that you are passionate about. Eat good quality, unprocessed, free range or organic food; only eat to 80 % full; chew your food really well and drink clean water.

Rise and fall with the sun, take naps, move your body at least daily, breathe deeply and diaphragmatically.

Get out in the fresh air, sun, sea, forest and meditate; take good quality supplements, work on your thoughts, avoid stimulants such as coffee after lunchtime, limit alcohol, make love lots and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Address physical pain, weakness and tightness within your body with a long-term approach to ensure flexibility, stability, agility and strength.

It’s no fun when you don’t have the agility and stability to catch yourself if your slip or trip – a big reason older people break their hips. *Guru Osho says playfulness is a measure of intelligence – write up a list of the things you love to do and the people you would like to do them with – have some fun daily.

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Michelle Owen

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