From Spark To Reality. Everything Was Once A Spark Of The Imagination

spark of the imagination

Everything around you started from an idea – a spark of the imagination. Many have come before us and many exist on the planet today, who have decided to throw caution to the wind and take their spark of imagination and create it in our reality.

Look around you and think about the things that started with a spark of the imagination. Electricity, cars, planes, gardening, music, movies, recipes, healing modalities, indoor plumbing and many more.

Even you being here was started with the spark or the idea of having a child. With that your parents created a vessel from which your soul came forth to live.

How many different things around you were once just a spark of the imagination? You have everything in your life today because someone was courageous enough to go for it and create it. Your life is different because of them and the value they brought to fruition.

Here’s the thing though – those same sparks of imagination live within you. We all have this capacity within us but many of us ignore it or do not think our sparks are of value.

These sparks that live within us could change the world for the better if we would only let them out. But instead of doing so, we hold them inside under lock and key for fear of what someone might think of them.

We all came to this planet with a soul purpose. When we deny our own sparks of imagination we deny our soul’s desire. Every one of us has a gift or talent that the world is waiting for.

You may or may not know what your soul purpose is, but it should be your mission to find it and create it.

If you don’t you are preventing the world from receiving the gift that you came to this planet to give them, and in turn preventing the flow of abundance into your life that comes with living through your soul’s purpose.

The biggest thing I can think of in my life thus far is the internet; what on earth would I do without it? This gift has been transformational in many people’s lives all over the planet.

Think about what would have happened if the person who thought of it never told anyone else about it and kept it to themselves. How different would our lives be now?

We would be limited to the local information in libraries or what the media tell us. Now we can find anything we want at the touch of a button.

So what is brewing under the hood in your imagination? What ideas do you have? Have you told anyone about them? If not – why not?

What is holding you back from creating it? Do you fear what others would think? Do you fear that you will rock the status quo too much? Do you think your idea is just silly and while it may work for you – you don’t think anyone else would care about it?

Here’s the thing – YOU DESERVE to have your gifts or ideas be created and used in this world to better other people’s lives as well as to better your own life.

There is someone out there that will love your idea and embrace it with such a loving force that you may wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

What would it mean to you to go after your dream and make your spark of the imagination a reality not only in your life but in the life of others? What would your life look like? Would you have more freedom, time and fun?

If you truly spoke up and went after creating what you think would be valued in this world – what would it look like? I want you to really connect to that. Write down any fears that come up, but I also want you to focus on the positive – Where would you live?

Where would you travel?  Who would you travel with?  How much free time would you have? What would you be able to do with your free time? Could you spend more time with your family?

There are many that have gone before you – who had a whim and made it a reality but more importantly they created something from nothing or created what at the time was an off the cuff idea.

You don’t think that when Henry Ford decided to make the model T Ford that he was not told he was ‘out of his mind’?

You bet he was! But he didn’t care because he believed to his core that it would change people’s lives for the better – so he forged ahead and created a big shift in how the average family transported themselves from one place or another.

Henry Ford is just one of many – there is Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison and many more.

They all have two things in common:  Big dreams and the drive to create it no matter what others thought. You also have something in common with them – Big dreams.  At least I hope you do.

Some people do not even let themselves dream. To them I ask why not? Does it hurt you to even think about life being better? It can be better but you have to believe it and if you cannot do that then I ask you to find the help to allow yourself-permission to dream again.

Dreaming is an integral part of life. It is what drives us to makes things better because just having the idea of it makes it seem real. If we can’t picture it, how can we even have it in our own lives?

We just can’t – if we don’t know what we want. Dreaming is asking for what we want our life to look like in the future. You can either dream and work towards it or you can remain where you are stuck, depressed or filled with anxiety with no hope of getting better – in the end it is your choice.

We live in a society – where FEAR is the driving force. Before we do anything – what do you ask? What if this happens or you develop reasons why you should be afraid of it. Fear keeps you confined locked in a box afraid to move for fear of rocking the boat.

How many countless hours have you spend worrying about that might happen? Or what you need to do to prepare for what might happen? This is a heavy and time consuming game to play.

It not only saps your time – it saps your energy. Fear will drain your batteries faster than running around the block a couple of times because it makes you drags you down.

In order to break free from the FEAR FACTOR, you need to make a conscious decision to not buy into the FEAR and decide to do something different by creating and living by your own rules so that you can embrace your own sparks of the imagination and bring them to fruition so you and the world can benefit from them.

Doing that from a place of Fear is nearly impossible.

It’s like running backwards uphill with a big boulder behind you. You might be able to do it but at what cost?

You have to decide TODAY whether you are going to continue to live with the FEAR FACTOR – stuck and afraid or if you are going to choose to live a life full of joy and gratitude by creating the rules you feel suit you and your mission to launching your dreams into reality.

Here is the thing about rules that many us may not get. Rules are just other people’s projections on to you about how they think life should be lived.

A lot of people play this game day in, day out trying their hardest to fit in with perfect clothes and make up or we pretend to be someone we are not – all the while denying our true identity from showing itself.

When you play by other people’s rules, you allow them to define the constraints that you live within. Your sparks of imagination do not mean much unless it is something they can harness in their own world.

But know even then they make you feel guilty about it because they themselves cannot bring their own sparks on their imagination into fruition.

Why are you willing to let others tell you how to live your life? Maybe you’re the one who discovers the cure for cancer or maybe you design the first Jetson style flying car? By keeping your sparks on how t o create the world a better place locked away – you could be denying the world the next best invention.

Why are you unwilling to let the true you out?

Know RIGHT NOW. Your sparks of the imagination DO MATTER!

We can all agree to disagree but we all are worthy of being respected for our own ideas.

I invite you to step out of the world of FEAR and CONFORMITY into the world where you create the joy and love you deserve by going after your dreams!

spark of the imaginationTami Reagor – Theta Healer

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