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Astrology of being you

Sydney Astrologer Tanya Jolly says her industry holds a very important purpose, which is about empowering people to understand their unique strengths and purpose in life. This is the first in a series of articles which reveals the secret information in your astrology chart that astrologers never usually share!

Astrology – Your Personality, Passion & Where You Shine!

Your birth chart is a map of the sky when you were born, and shows the aspects between the Sun, Moon and the planets.

But did you know that there are powerful Destiny Points in your chart? The planetary aspects to these Destiny Points in your personal astrology chart show your potential and can determine your fate.

The first Destiny Point is known as your Ascendant, or Rising sign. In technical terms the Rising sign is the sign that is rising on the Eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. But what does this mean for you? Basically your Rising sign is your brand.

The combination of your Sun, Moon and Rising signs are the most dominant placements in your chart. They make up who you are, how you think and how others perceive you.

Your ideal occupation should favour the expression of your individuality (Sun) and your personality (Rising Sign), and satisfy your emotional needs (Moon).


Let’s look at the chart of Tony Robbins, who is the world’s leading self-help preacher. And I emphasise the word preacher because Tony Robbins has a Pisces Sun, so he could just as easily be a world famous evangelical preacher!

Pisces are dreamers so his Pisces Sun gives him a huge vision, and he is selling us the dream. But the fire in his belly is due to his Moon in Aries. Aries is a born leader – not a follower. His Moon in Aries gives Tony Robbins a huge need for success and recognition.

And it also makes him an inspirational leader, because Moon in Aries folk know exactly what buttons they need to press to get the results they need.

And to top it off, Tony Robbins has Libra rising so he does all this with an abundance of charm! He certainly knows how to please the masses.

Tony Robbins knows how to make a great impression and is a natural networker, so his Libra rising ensures he knows EVERYONE!! Libra rising folk have a little black book of contacts that is the envy of everyone, so this would have really helped him create success.

So when we look at the Sun, Moon and Rising sign of Tony Robbins, can you see how these three planets merge together to form his personality?

And interestingly it’s his charming Libra rising that is his trademark, because Venus rules the sign of Libra and represents what we attract. And for Tony Robbins he is attracting a huge audience so he can sell his products from the stage.

And his charm is underpinned by his Aries Moon which craves success. This influence motivates and inspires him to be the world’s most famous motivational speaker.  

In contrast, Richard Branson vibes like a Leo, with his very over the top style of self-promotion. And that’s because Richard Branson has Leo Rising. So having fun is his trademark.

But did you know that Richard Branson’s Sun is in Cancer? It’s not obvious at first, but makes sense when you know that the only time he went into the office was early in his career, but apart from that he has always worked from home because he needs his family around him. This is what nurtures him and makes him feel supported.

His Moon in Virgo shows that he actually cares really deeply, far more than his flamboyant Leo Rising shows. Moon in Virgo folk feel compelled to help people and never feel like they are doing enough.

This explains why Richard Branson is so driven to give back through his humanitarian work. And Moon in Virgo folk can be workaholics, because in their mind there is always so much more work to do.

They are so disciplined, organised and structured that they keep finding more to do, so their work is never finished.

So when you watch Richard Branson jumping out of planes or pulling amazing publicity stunts, look a bit deeper and you’ll see that he has a huge heart. But it’s actually his Leo Rising that we notice first and is the most memorable.astrology

And this is exactly the same for you. Your Rising sign is an important Destiny Point because it’s your storefront that shows the world who you are. Your Rising sign is your trademark and an authentic expression of you.

If you don’t have a Leo Sun/Moon or Rising sign then Richard Branson’s publicity style may not work for you, and could come across as tacky or simply be a huge flop.

By the same token if you are trying to charm people like Tony Robbins and you don’t have Libra Sun/Moon or Rising then your efforts may just come across as fake or seem you are ‘sucking up,’ so it won’t seem genuine.

Knowing your Rising sign is the key to making a great impression. When you are being true to who you are, you’ll always come across as authentic and gain people’s trust.

Know your Rising sign and you know your unique brand.

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