Smart Steps To Healthy & Happy Aging


Growing older doesn’t have to be either a bad or a sad thing. The experience you’ve gained with every year can actually help you make the best of your life today and tomorrow.

And although your body is going through certain changes, there are habits you can form and ways to maintain a good quality of life. Here are some steps you can take in order to age better.

Surround Yourself With People

Living your whole life in a big city like Sydney, or one of its suburbs, means you’ve probably been around a lot of people since you were a kid, and then through your studies and your job.

If you’re used to communicating with people daily, don’t let that stop just because you’re a few years older. Stay in touch with your friends, neighbors and work colleagues to avoid stress and loneliness down the road.

From time to time, invite them over for a game of cards or just a cup of coffee and a nice conversation.

You can even reconnect with some of your old friends through online social networks, join clubs or groups to be around people who share your interests, or try volunteering to make some new friends.

Call your children, grandchildren or any other relatives as often as you have the need to, invite them over and visit them whenever it’s possible. Once you’re older, you’ll need as many meaningful relationships as you can get, so start building them right now.

Make Smart Living Arrangements

It may seem impossible today, but there will come a time when you’ll have difficulties with taking care of yourself.

When that time arrives, you’ll want somebody to have your best interest in mind, so you might want to consider moving into a comfortable aged care, where you can live in an apartment you like, be surrounded by people your age and participate in various activities you enjoy.

Places like this one offer individual care, with registered medical workers available to you around the clock, as well as delicious meals served fresh and warm every day.

Having all the help you need will make you feel comfortable and relaxed, which can only do your mental health good. Why not live like you’re on vacation all the time?

Think About Your Health

Even if you feel completely fine, it couldn’t hurt to visit your doctor and have a checkup now and then. Measure your blood pressure and make sure your blood sugar and cholesterol levels are normal.

While you’re there, ask about adjusting your diet and even getting some vitamin supplements. After turning 50, your diet should be less caloric, but loaded with all the nutrients necessary for your body to function well.

Since your metabolism slows down with age and your body needs less energy, make sure your food isn’t too calorie-dense, to avoid gaining too much weight.

Maintain good oral health by brushing your teeth regularly, as well as flossing daily, but also by visiting your dentist at least twice a year. Furthermore, aging can affect your hearing and eyesight, so have them checked regularly as well.

Finally, make sure you sleep well and long enough, so avoid daytime naps and too much caffeine in the afternoon to establish a good bedtime routine.

Stay Physically Active

Physical activity is a great way to improve and maintain your health, no matter your age, but it’s especially beneficial after you turn 50. If possible, walk your 10,000 steps every day in one of Sydney’s beautiful parks.

You can even go online and find some great workout videos for people your age, whatever your age may be, but talk to your doctor first and see what type of exercise works best for you.

Also, some of Sydney’s suburbs have amazing outdoor gyms which are completely free for you to use, so consider those, too.

Not only does working out add years to your life, but it boosts your self-confidence, improves your strength and increases your vitality, promoting good mental and overall health.

Physical activity can also do wonders for your optimism, keeping you cheerful and happy. Plus, it can make you sleep better, which is crucial for your energy renewal and a sharp mind.

Don’t let your age define you, but rather be the one to choose how to age. There’s no need for despair or worry, as long as you’re doing your best to ensure your mental and physical health are good for the years to come.

The quality of your life doesn’t have to decline, and there is absolutely no reason for you not to spend your golden years doing what you like with the people you love.

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