Self Love – The Key To Your Success

self love

Every one of your thoughts is comprised of ‘energy’ and has the ability to manifest into physical form.

In other words, every negative thought, fear or belief you have about yourself has the ability to come true. So if you want to improve your quality of life and attract positive life experiences, it is vital that you begin by loving and believing in yourself.

The thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself are powerful magnetic signals that attract people, situations and circumstances to confirm your thought or belief.

When you believe you are unlovable, you attract people, situations and circumstances that confirm you are unloved.

If you believe men are dishonest and unfaithful, you will attract men who lie and cheat, and if you believe losing weight is difficult, you will always be overweight.

Because you attract what you ‘believe’ rather than what you ‘want’, in order to attract positive experiences, you must change what you believe.

When you focus on your ‘good points’ however big or small, you improve your relationships with others, your health and wellbeing, and your quality of life.

Even if you can only think of ‘one small thing’ by focusing upon that one thing, rather than your failures or shortcomings, you can attract happiness and opportunity, and turn your life around. Self love and appreciation is the key to your success.

For confirmation I recommend you read Louise Hay ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ or for those who require scientific evidence of the almighty power of thought, Bruce Lipton Ph.D ‘The Biology of Belief’.

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Michelle Buchanan

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