Psychic Reading – What Is It?

Psychic Reading

Everything in the universe has an ‘energy vibration’ and even though that vibration cannot be seen with the human eye, it still exists and is recorded in the ‘Akashic Records’.

A genuine psychic, intuitive, clairvoyant or medium has the ability to read the Akashic Records and access information about your past, present and future life experiences. This is called a ‘reading’.

A good psychic will guide you in the right direction advising you of obstacles that lay ahead, however if the knowing of that information may disrupt a life lesson and the growth of your soul, it will not be accessible to the reader, regardless of how good they are.

You have free will to do as you please and can change the outcome of a reading anytime, therefore a reading can never be 100% accurate.

Do not waste your money on a reading if you are skeptical, for skeptical energy will prohibit the psychic from tuning in to you.

Only book a reading with a psychic that has been recommended by someone you know because even though psychic phenomena is real there will always be those who mislead.

A psychic is not to be confused with a psychic medium. A regular psychic can tap into the Akashic Records but cannot communicate with spirit guides or lost loved ones.

A psychic medium has the ability to do both. All psychic mediums are psychic but not all psychics are medium.

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