8 DIY Hacks To Relieve Back Pain Forever

Relieve Back Pain

The human body is a complex artifact. Our backs are composed of a number of tendons, ligaments, bones, muscles,and veins. Often we experience back pains for reasons we cannot comprehend. So how do we relieve back pain?

Back pains are the results of injury, bad posture, sharp movement, bad sitting positions, bad sleeping positions, and sometimes, even from coughing. Today we are going to observe the simple hacks that can prevent back pains from sabotaging our daily lives forever.

  1. Sleeping Hacks

It is better not to sleep on your stomach. Surprisingly, the best way to sleep is to sleep sideways. Use soft pillows between your knees and below your neck to support your body.

Some people sleep on mattresses that are either too soft or too hard. Find the right mattress for you by consulting with the sales experts at bedding stores. Pick the right pillows as well.

  1. Posture Hacks

Our backs are designed to be kept straight upright. So when you slouch over or refuse to maintain that straight posture, it acutely affects your back.

Have you wondered why we keep slouching? My guess is because of our skull. An average human skull weighs about 5 kgs. Yes!

Having to carry that weight 24/7 is no joke. So even if it is a bit tough, try to keep your back straight. There are exercises to keep a straight posture, and I will be talking about them shortly.

  1. Sitting Hacks

I bet you already know what it is like to sit for as long as 9 hours a day at work or at school. It sucks.

It is worse if you have poor eyesight and you have to bend your neck forward every time you want to read what is on the computer screen. So what’s the solution?

Get those supportive chairs that are easy on your back. The best thing you can do is get an inversion table, which has a unique design to remove back pressure.

If that is something you cannot take to work or school, avoid sitting in the same chair for too long. Walk around or stretch your limbs as often as you can. Use comfortable cushions to support your back while sitting.

  1. Shoe Hacks

This is astonishing. Who knew that our shoe type can have a direct effect on our spinal cord? But they do actually.

You need to be super careful when going shoe shopping. Buy shoes from companies that focus on comfort and well-being.

I get it; you want to look trendy. But do you really want to compromise your health just to fit in with the crowd? I don‘t think so.

Good quality flat shoes are your ideal partners for everyday use. They are comfortable and supportive. When your feet lies horizontally on the ground, it becomes easier to maintain a straight back posture.

  1. Injury Hacks

If you’ve had a back injury before or recently, I’m sure you’re still waiting to heal from it. Not being able to move freely for an injury is an undesirable consequence, no matter how the injury took place in the first place.

Doctors encourage you to keep your movements to a minimum at the beginning, but you can start to stretch and walk soon after. Make the most of that time.

Try a light and easy recovery exercises, like twisting your ankles and wrists. Also moving your shoulders and neck from side to side, repeatedly for a minute. You can do the same for your torso if it does not lead to more pain.

My advice is to take it slow. And of course, never to repeat the mistake that got you the injury in the first place.

  1. Exercise Hacks

I promised you that I will talk about this, and here it is. There is no alternative to a good hour of cardio and sweating.

First of all, please do not overdo any exercise when you are trying it for the first time. This can lead to more back pain. Start slow and build up gradually.

Second, consult with your instructor so that he or she assists you with core strengthening exercises. When your core is strong, your back pain has no choice but to forfeit.

Third, you can strengthen your core by doing yoga and tai chi as well. Yoga is by far the best solution to back pain. Have some essential oils in the yoga room, and the stress-releasing effect will heal practically all the pain in your body.

Lastly, go for a jog or a walk outdoors, since it is beneficial both for your muscles and your nervous system. Often, back pains are caused by unrealized stress and anxiety that you keep buried within yourself.

  1. Nutritional Hacks

We all know the drag of getting old. Imagine all the physical problems you will be having after a certain age.

However, it is possible to control the aging problems with a few hacks related to nutrition and exercise. If you are over 25, start taking supplements, of course after consulting with a nutritionist.

Osteoporosis is a common disease during old age. Add intake of Vitamin D and Calcium in your diet right now. Healthy bones can prevent back pain to a great level.

You can also take a natural supply of Calcium and Vitamin D from food items, such as dairy, beef liver, egg yolk, fish and green leafy vegetables.

  1. Habitual Hacks

You did not get your back pain as a coincidence. It happened to you for a reason. Most likely, you have back pain because of unhealthy daily habits.

I hope you have realized by now the importance of good posture while you are sitting down and walking.

You have also learned about the benefits of core strengthening exercises, yoga, and proper nutrition. Hopefully, you will not be sleeping on your stomach on a bad mattress anymore.

So it is safe to approach this topic now, for all you smokers out there. Please quit. I repeat, quit smoking because this is causing you the constant back pain that you cannot get rid of.

As I have mentioned earlier, our back is made up of a combination of bones, muscles,and veins. Smoking cigarettes cause blockages in the arteries. When blood stops flowing to the muscles and arteries in the back, it becomes weaker.

Smokers experience more back pain than non-smokers. The weaker back is more prone to injuries and strains. It can be challenging, but this is a crucial reason for you to stop smoking as quickly as possible.


To summarize what I have been ranting about so far, there is no second option for exercises and nutrition when it comes to healing back pain. Soft pillows and mattresses play a huge role in maintaining your comfort level when you sleep.

If you have bad habits of sleeping oddly, slouching, unhealthy diet and smoking cigarettes, it is advisable that you quit them now for the sake of your overall health. We only live once.

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