Releasing Painful Emotions

releasing emotions

It has been 14.5 years since my dad left this world. They say time heals and I believe it does and sometimes it feels like yesterday…

Yesterday was Father’s day in the UK, (where I am originally from) although now I live in Australia. I woke up this morning to start work and found myself tagged into a couple of music videos on Facebook.

These music videos were two of the songs played at my dad’s funeral. I have been playing them this morning in memory of him.

It is amazing how emotions rise to the surface when you think you have dealt with something. I have done SOOOO much grieving and hating the world as my dad was taken away from us at the young age of 53.

I was in Australia at the time and did not get my chance to say good bye to him.

I did not find out he was dead until 7 days after he had died. This was in the days of backpacking (before mobile phones). I had spoken to my day 7 days prior to wish him and my mum Happy New Year.

He did not tell me he had cancer because ‘he did not want to spoil my holiday’. Guess what he did and I did not get my chance to say goodbye…

I was so angry with both him, my family and the whole world, it was not fair that I did not get a chance to say goodbye. My brother and sisters all got their chance to tell him that they loved him.

I was angry at my family as they did not tell me my dad was sick. (He had made them promise not to tell me). I understand his thinking now but it took me a long time to understand.

The reason I am sharing this with you is to show you that we can live with anger, grief, sorrow as well as happiness, joy, love. We are meant to feel a whole range of emotions.

Many people believe it is not good to feel “bad” emotions but I believe we are supposed to. The trick is to feel them, learn the message that the emotions give you, move on and let the emotions pass.

The thing some people do is get ‘stuck’ in the negative emotions and that is one reason why people get depressed. It is healthy to go back and remember the good times, even though you may cry because the person you had the good times with is no longer with you.

Go back, remember and then come back to this moment. When we do this we can dip into our whole range of emotions and live a happier, healthier life.

Although my dad is dead, I still feel him with me, I still have many fond memories of his life. He was a man of little words but the words he would say were funny. He had an amazing sense of humour.

These are the great things I remember about him and when I think about him, I am happy.

I also know that if he was still here Global Healing Exchange would not be here. My passion for showing people they can heal their body grew out of the grief of my father’s death.

I know that GHE has touched so many people around the world and that my dad’s death really made a difference.

If we hold onto negative emotions, they cause dis-ease in our body so it is better to get them out and let them go.

What Can I Do To Release Painful Emotions?

Here Are A Few Ways:

  1. Writing is a great way. You can get out all of those ‘words’ and ‘feelings’ inside of you. If you like burn the paper after you have written what you need to write. Not everyone likes their private thoughts seen by others but it is in the action of the writing that helps release the emotions
  1. Crying is another way. So many of us are taught to be strong and don’t cry. (Especially young boys). Crying is a way for us to purge our body of emotions. It is cleansing. I have a friend who crys in the shower in the mornings. It is a ritual she find really helps her.
  1. Talk to a friend. They say a problem shared is a problem halved. When you voice out what is going on inside of your head, it is out of your body. If you can’t speak to a friend find yourself a therapist. There are many out there that are trained to listen.
  1. Exercise. I used to do Karate and Thai boxing and I felt that was a GREAT way to channel my energy when I was angry. I could take out all of my emotions on the punch bag, hurt no one and walk out of the gym feeling so much better.

I hope this has given you an idea about how healthy it is to express our emotions. Embrace them as they are your biggest gift.

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