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It is not a healthy life when you live your life in anxiety. You feel nervous and jumpy, you are on high alert constantly. Even the small things that happen around you make you jump, even though those things may not effect a non-anxious person.

Do you know you don’t have to live like that? Life is not supposed to be fearful. There are ways to overcome the feeling of anxiety. I know because I used to be like you. In fact until a couple of years ago I still had the Moro reflex (you know the reflex that makes babies jump).

The Moro Reflex

Emerges around 8-9 weeks in utero and is inhibited at about 16 weeks of neonate life. It is transformed into the adult startle or Strauss reflex, and should not be present in children beyond the age of one year at the very, very latest.

It is a panic alarm reflex which helps the baby to hang on and cry in alarm. The startle reflex is a rapid intake of breath, blink, shoulders up and then locate the source.

Agoraphobia panic victims, for example, still retain the Moro reflex. It can be activated by a sudden noise, movement/alteration of head position or change of light. For more information read more here.

When we have something like this that is happening in our body it effects so many other areas.

When The Moro Reflex Is Switched On You May Get These Symptoms;

  • Mood swings – labile emotions.
  • Tense muscle tone – body armouring.
  • Difficulty accepting criticism, as this individual finds it so difficult to change.
  • Cycle of hyperactivity followed by excessive fatigue.
  • Difficulty making decisions.

So anxiety affects us way more than we know. Our emotions are in our body to tell us something. Anxiety is supposed to alert us when we are in danger, when something does not feel right we feel anxious. Anxiety is NOT supposed to be a way of life.

Medical doctors are trained to give their patients anxiety medication and for some people this works but is it really solving the problem or is it making a bigger problem?

So How Can We Change?

  1. Awareness is one of the first step to changing anything. Being aware that you have anxiety is something you need to do. Not everyone lives their life in anxiety every moment and neither should you. Once you are aware you have a problem, you can fix it.
  1. Research what types of therapy you would like. There are many ways to treat anxiety. I have used, kinesiology, hypnotherapy, time line therapy to help mine but there are many more therapies out there. You must find the treatment and therapist that you feel safe with and is right for you.
  1. Once you have done your research book your appointment. When you know there is something out there that will make you feel better, why would you delay?

I no longer live my life in anxiety. I no longer have my moro reflex switched on. In my day to day life, I am calm. I do my exercise and meditation to keep me that way.

When you take steps to empower yourself and your health, it will affect your life in so many ways. Gift yourself the gift of feeling calm.

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