Relaxation 1.2.3

Relaxation 1.2.3

Do you feel stressed out and overwhelmed by your lifestyle, responsibilities and the overall intensity that permeates modern society? If you do, then you are not alone.  A very high percentage of people in the modern world are struggling to relax.

Long-term stress creates a complexity of modern-day problems including exhaustion, burn out, depression, anxiety, fear, suppressed immune system, mind-body illnesses, insomnia, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, addictions and it also fuels relationship crisis at home and at work.

Since stress creates incoherence in brain waves, cardiac output and within the bio-electric energy system that surrounds the body, we are now certain that these three factors push the nervous system towards fight or flight.

Fight or flight means that we spend too much time in the sympathetic nervous system which says to the brain that we are in crisis.

The brain then releases adrenaline into our bloodstream to help us cope with crisis. Over time, too much adrenaline suppresses the immune system.

Your suppressed immune system can cause a number of health issues and suppressed moods. This of course is the opposite of what you want and what society needs.

Also if you have a tendency to be reactive or the opposite which is passive aggressive – then stress, incoherence and too much time in the sympathetic nervous system will exasperate these issues.

This can create dynamics in your personality that are very unhealthy and even destructive.

Relaxation Process – Scientific Steps

Telling yourself to relax is like telling a person who is upset to calm down. You simply cannot make yourself relax or calm down just by wishing it is so. It must be an organic process that is generated from the inside out.

Before we get into specific actions you can take to create more relaxation in your life, please consider that the mind and body are connected through neuropeptides.

Neuropeptides are small protein like molecules used by neurons to communicate with each other to influence the activity of the brain and body in specific ways.

Essentially what this means is that the mind and body are connected and stress will eventually have a deleterious effect on both mind and body.

To be even more specific the late neuroscientist Candace Pert stated “eventually the mind becomes the body.”

What she meant is every thought has its own energy system that is being held in the body in molecules of emotion.

Therefore it is accurate to say that your body is your subconscious mind and generates thoughts and feelings that are positive or negative based on programming from your body-mind and brain.

This especially happens in the first seven years of life when your personality develops its own foundations in the way you view the world.

Accordingly, if one or both of your parents were very stressed, exhausted or anxious when you were a child this pattern may be programmed into your subconscious body-mind.

In other words it is learned behavior that you generate from the past conditioning into the present time.

In the next section you will learn basic steps to overcome the programing and conditioning in order to relax and overcome stress that stimulates these uncomfortable patterns from the past.

Relaxation Process – Practical Steps

The first consideration for relaxation is rest.  If you lack adequate downtime on a daily basis you will definitely become stressed and tired. In order to build a very strong energy field and vibration you need to do nothing.

Do not stand when you can sit and do not sit when you can lie down and get in a very relaxed horizontal position. If necessary, you can even make important phone calls while lying down or get in the habit of throwing a roast into the oven and give yourself an hour of rest.

Meditation is also an important aspect of relaxation. Twice a day for 20 minutes is very effective over time.

It permits the parasympathetic nervous system to take hold of your brain waves into alpha or even theta, a coherent cardiac output and a coherent overall energy system.

If you can obtain guided meditations with binaural beats that you listen to on a regular basis, it will shift your relationship with yourself, your thought processes and your relationships with others to a much more relaxed state.

I strongly suggest you obtain a supply of organic magnesium oil and magnesium flakes or Epson salt. Place the oil in a smaller spray container.

Put 10 sprays into a glass of pure water as often as possible and also spray on your entire body once or twice a day. Do not spray on face and neck.

Place the magnesium flakes or Epson salt in the warm bath on a regular basis but especially when you feel really stressed.

Do not make the bath water too hot because absorption of the flakes will make you feel very relaxed. If the water is too hot you may feel dizzy when you stand up so just use common sense.

Coherence 1.2.3 is a process using EFT/ Tapping, Psych K and nine positions trauma release to synergistically bring relaxation and coherence to your brain waves, cardiac output and your entire human energy field.

Global Healing Exchange and Holistic Living Magazine can provide access to this powerful training.

Sprinting three times a week is a powerful way to strengthen heart and lungs. These are the two most important organs for long term health.

If you build up to 3 x thirty second sprints at full speed after a warm-up you will have a very balanced relationship between your body-mind and your central nervous system. This will greatly support relaxation.

Earthing is a simple process of healing your body-mind and spirit from the earth’s electromagnetic energy absorbed through the bottom of your feet. This can be laying down, sitting or walking with your bare feet on the grass or sand at the beach.

The energy will strengthen the ATP held in every cell in the body which heals and detoxes your entire body. The more you do Earthing – the healthier you will be.

After you build the practical steps into your routine and begin to feel much better you can begin taking steps for a deeper spiritual connection.

Relaxation Process – Spiritual Steps

By now you have come to understand that your body-mind is connected and represents your past. You might say the body is the laboratory of life because it holds clues about your entire history including what happened in the womb.

By healing the body-mind and stress related illnesses, you can leave that energy and consciousness in the past where it belongs and focus on your spirit and vibration as it exists in present time.

Once you become more relaxed and leave your body-mind dramas behind you, you can set an intention for your spirit to run the show and live fully in the present moment. The higher your vibration the stronger your spirit will identify with your highest self-esteem.

The opposite is also true. The lower your vibration, the weaker your spirit feels. You then feel stressed and the body-mind dynamics of the past seem to reignite out of nowhere.

In order to possess a truly integrated and solid spiritual path the development of the heart and soul connection is essential. The stronger the connection between heart and soul, the more you’ll be able to observe yourself and live beyond time.

Detached timelessness is the ultimate outcome of your spiritual journey as a human being here on earth. To live beyond time is to prioritize the heart and soul. It solidifies your connection with yourself, with Spirit and humanity. It often helps to have a teacher, therapist or God to support you on this journey.

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