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I had been diagnosed with terminal, incurable cancer in 2006; riddled with cancer in the bones.  My vertebrae broke in two places due to the tumours.  I was told repeatedly by expert medical professionals that I was going to die, and got my affairs in order which included purchasing a burial plot.

The Journey I Was To Undertake Taught Me:-

• How to heal

• How to find peace

And most importantly

• How to become the person I was always meant to be

Over nine years ago I walked away from the medical system. I had been brought up to respect and trust doctors, and yet here they were prescribing a drug for me.

According to the scientific data sheet found on the US Government Toxicology website, it was a human carcinogen and caused uterine and liver cancer.

My belief system was shattered. I have utilised my natural research skills, which I had developed when I studied an MBA specialising in Project Management, and did a critical analysis on my life and my whole belief system.

I left no stone unturned to find out why my life had brought me to this point.I have learnt powerful lessons in utilising vibrational healing, which I respect and believe in.

I had been meditating on a consistent basis for five years and had learnt to focus my thoughts with precision and clarity and with an inner will, encompassing my solar plexus, in harmony with my mind and thoughts.

Most of us are aware of singing or chanting in many religious sectors.  Whether they are Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Buddhist, they are all joined, through vibrational energy from heart and soul, when used in harmony.

I started to focus my attention on the Oms and the mantras associated with the chakras.  This then led me to the singing (also known as healing) bowls.

This investigation, or adventure as I like to call it, had me questioning why this simple bowl has been around for thousands of years.

I was beginning to find more and more topics and items, which have been in existence for thousands of years, yet the Western society I had been born into placed little value on these ancient practices, or failed to show the respect they so richly deserve.

The first bowl I purchased was high-pitched.  When the pain in my right hip was bothering me, I would use the mallet, which came with the bowl, to create the singing.

After a brief time, as I slowly moved the mallet around the outside of the bowl with my eyes closed, focusing my ears on the sound and full attention of my mind on pinpointing the pain, the pain would no longer be there.

I then realised that these bowls came in different musical keys.

As a child, I had learnt to play the electric organ and my favourite chord has always been B flat. I wasn’t at all surprised to find in a shop that had many singing bowls – crystal, copper and various other metal combinations – a large B Flat bowl.

I tried it out in the shop and my whole energy field changed from hearing that sound; it resonated deep inside with my intuition and solar plexus. I had now managed to achieve a number of natural methods for alleviating any pain in my body.

It was interesting to learn that, back in the 1950’s, these frequencies were introduced to the Western world by a physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who wrote about it mathematically in 1952.

This is then attributed to the Golden Mean and Fibonacci sequencing – I had studied the Fibonacci numbers and vibrational energy in another field of study totally unrelated to my health.

Here it was again being brought back into my awareness and conscious thought. I was following my intuition on where I would next be led when I happened across a book on “Vibrational Medicine” written by a medical doctor by the name of Richard Gerber.

Now I was getting some traction with my broader understanding and the power of vibrational healing.

This book brings together the acupuncture meridian, quantum physics, quartz crystals, chakras, physic healing and abilities, and the Bach remedies often used in homeopathic medicine.

He also speaks of the Parkinson Disease Meridian.  All the knowledge is there, but if a person rejects this knowledge, then that is their choice and he or she is increasingly prone to manipulation by pharmaceutical companies.  I am at peace with that.

My knowledge that I have today, has come at a cost.  When first released from hospital in 2006, after having to learn to walk again and with the No Hope prognosis being handed down by medical experts.

I had visitors, and after a couple of months my life became silent, and no one called or visited.

They had said their good-byes and, due to the damage in my vertebrae I was no longer active and couldn’t participate in many activities therefore over time I became a recluse.

Herbs and spices, became another large building of knowledge I was to learn how to use, on what worked for me.  Remember everyone’s DNA is different, what is one man’s medicine is another man’s poison so to speak.

I encourage you to take full responsibility for your life and well-being.  Don’t expect anyone else to value your life as you would.

Learning to breathe correctly and the liquid oxygen supplement (Oxy-Rich),  I always have stocked in my cupboard is another simple building block that contributed to restoring my health, but being low-cost benefit to the doctors and pharmaceutical industry.

This is not even suggested by the medical experts, well not the experts I knew.

Dealing with the emotional trauma has taken me years to sort through, because I had to learn what was right for me, not what someone else was trying to sell me, which would only benefit them.

Over time, I learnt which foods to avoid like the plague, and what foods to focus on.
My life path has been changed dramatically over these past 11 years and I am no longer the broken pathetic person I was in 2006.

You can find much more information on living a holistic lifestyle in these free magazines and on our YouTube channel.

Karen Alexander is a long-term cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2006 with advanced terminal cancer, and given absolutely no hope of survival long-term. When her trust was totally shattered, after learning the side effects from the drugs that had been prescribed, her world as she knew it crumbled.

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