Relax Baby!!

Relax Baby!!

It is now widely recognized that babies are intrinsically affected physiologically and energetically by the multi-sensory experiences provided for them in their mother’s womb. This means that if mum is able to enjoy a predominantly calm and relaxed state of being during pregnancy, then her baby will benefit from the calming influence of such feel good hormones as endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin.

Dr Sarah Buckley writes in her book “Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering.”

“The experiences that will begin to fire and wire your baby’s brain start in your womb, with the physical sensations that provide the earliest learning. These include being physically supported by the womb and amniotic fluid, being kept warm by your body warmth, being gently rocked as you walk, being exposed to different tastes from your diet via the amniotic fluid, hearing your voice and voices of other family members, and feeling calm and settled when you are calm and settled. Conversely, high levels of stress during pregnancy can fire and wire your baby’s brain for dysfunctions in learning and over-reactivity to stress”.

It is important to add that some stress during pregnancy is normal, however chronic or sustained stress causing high levels of…

It is therefore so very important for mothers to learn how to relax during their pregnancy and especially to have the confidence and ability to transfer these relaxation skills into her labour and birth experience.

Being ultimately relaxed in labour is key to a positive birth experience. Your body is equipped to birth far more easily when the hormones of labour that are designed to support the normal physiological flow of labour release optimally and without hindrance. This is much more likely to occur when the mother is feeling private, safe and undisturbed and can access a deeply relaxed parasympathetic state using the tools of relaxation.

Fear, stress and anxiety when present during labour can activate a woman’s
So What Ways Can A Mother Learn How To Relax During Her Pregnancy? 

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There are a wide range of methods of relaxation available, ranging from very in depth to very simple and easy to use in every day life. It should be possible to choose one or more relaxation methods that you feel comfortable with. Some examples of types of relaxation…
Massage & Chiropractic/Osteopathic Bodywork

Prenatal massage has so many physiological and emotional benefits for you and your baby, schedule a regular treatment during your pregnancy, and ensure that your body is well supported as it adapts to support your growing body by checking in with your Chiropractor or Osteopath consistently.

Yoga & Exercise

Prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to…

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