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RELAX, get yourself a cuppa and read this article!

We work long hours and work so hard. We spend all of our time at home looking after our families, we are exhausted. Where is the “ME” time? When do you get time to relax? Why do so many of us these days think the “me’ time is not needed.

We think we are superhuman and can do anything without relaxing. There comes a time when our body tells us STOP! Enough is enough. You can act like a superhero for a while, but the time will come when your body says, “That is it, I will take no more” and it stops.

It may give you a cold, flu, diarrhoea or something worse but it will make you rest. Some of us get cancers or chronic diseases when we don’t listen.

So what can you do about it in advance? Listen to your body, it has the answers. It tells you when it has energy, when it needs to rest, when it needs exercise, when it is hungry or thirsty.

It tells you when it is feeling negative emotions that need to be released. It tells you when you have positive emotions too.

Why do so many of us forget to listen? We are so busy working on things outside of ourselves that we don’t FEEL or notice our bodies any more. Our attention is focused outside of us rather than inside of us.

When your attention is outside of you, you can not pay attention to what is going on inside. You loose sight of what is important to your health and well being and make other things a priority. When you make other things and people more important than yourself you get sick.

What is wrong with this picture? Where have we gone so wrong? Why is it that, going to work and making someone else rich becomes more of a priority than your health?

Why is working hard to get a bigger house or faster car worth more than having a healthy body? Why is it OK to sacrifice loving and nurturing yourself and your body in exchange for ‘things’.

What is wrong with a society that is going backwards, rather than forward? Where will things be in 10 years when our children are adults if we don’t stop it now. How hard will they have to work to make ends meet?

So I guess you are getting the picture. Things wont get better unless we create change. Change does not mean we have to make money to make change.

Change is FREE. (Actually it is NOT a new discovery, we have known it for centuries, we have just chosen to forget).

So What Are Some Things We Can Do To Create This Change & Start To Relax?

1. Meditate = RELAX

2. Take some ‘me’ time daily =  To RELAX

3. Get out in nature =  To RELAX

4. Listen to your body =  To RELAX

5. Do things you LOVE to do =  To RELAX

6. Catch up with friends =  To RELAX

7. Spend time with your ‘community’ =  To RELAX

8. Exercise – Find a way of moving your body that makes you happy =  To RELAX

9. Laugh – watch funny movies, tell jokes. Laughing is great therapy =  To RELAX

10. Take a holiday – Sometimes all you need is a day off =  To RELAX

There are so many other things you can do to start living a healthy life. What are you doing to create the change for you? Are you waiting for you to get sick or will you make the change before?

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Sharon White

Sharon White

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