Power Of Emotions. Your Doorway To Connection

Power Of Emotions

You can never stand taller than the honesty of what you are feeling from moment to moment.  Your feelings reflect the real you from moment to moment throughout your life.

We live in a world of intellect and technology that no longer honors the power of your emotions. This of course includes your intuition or gut feeling.

You, like most people today, have probably been conditioned to suppress your emotions. This has happened worldwide. When you suppress your emotions, especially negative emotions, you tend to become numb over time.

This can be a disaster in multiple areas of your life. It can lead to depression, anxiety, exhaustion, mood swings, reactivity, inflammation, heart disease, stroke or cancer.

As a case in point, consider the research of medical doctors who have conducted scientific research on unexpressed negative emotions within their specific disciplines:

  • Wilhelm Reich MD determined that people who suppress their negative emotions as children put up a set of defenses that create resistance as teens and as adults that block the outward expression of passion and healthy emotions.

In other words, they lose perspective on their authentic feelings or innermost self. People tend to become a mask or pseudo-self that is based on their ego-mind’s self assessment rather being in touch with their true self or inner person.

In addition, most people use this false self to protect their heart’s deepest feelings of love or pain. The blockage of this energy flow to the heart causes many people to become lost. These people lose contact with who they are, their life’s purpose and direction.

In other words, to have true presence, passion, purpose and power one must know how they feel and have the capacity to love, heal and express their true emotions.

  • John Sarno MD a pain specialist who spent years following the protocol of western medicine came to discover that most chronic pain is psychosomatic.

Many people avoid negative emotions by repressing their feelings into the subconscious mind. Over time their negativity builds up to a point of overflow. If you assume the body is holding this emotional pain on your behalf, it will eventually come to a breaking point.

If the person then still refuses to deal with their emotional pain, it then spills over into the body as some type of pain or illness. The pain becomes chronic to the degree that they deny their emotional pain.

Sarno indicated that those people who tend most to develop chronic pain or illness are prone to “goodism or perfectionism.” This means their personality avoids or denies their authentic feelings in order to perform or be perceived a certain way.

  • Candice Pert, renowned research scientist and discoverer of the opiate receptor demonstrated that the mind and body were not separate. “Negativity in your mind eventually becomes the body. The body is really your subconscious mind.

Neuropeptides are small protein like molecules that communicate between brain and body cell functions. They also mediate between emotions and cells. They are in fact the essential mind-body connectors as molecules of emotion.

Therefore, people do not have mental health problems or physical health problems – they have mind-body problems. Some people call it psychosomatic illness or issues.

Your molecules of emotion have a direct impact on your psychosomatic system that is running 24/7. This means your overall long-term health is dependent on the health of your emotions.

Emotions As Your Connection Point. The Power Of Emotions

Your emotions ride on your energy system. In other words, emotional energy is your connection to mental health, spiritual health, physical health and even to your very soul.

So how can you create a much better connection to yourself and others now that you know your emotional energy is the grand central station of connection in your entire universe?

Before you can express your emotions you must feel them. Feelings ride along the body’s energy system.

It is important to remember that all feelings are good. Even the darkest and most negative emotions along with the loving and happy emotions are stored in your body.

In order to access all your emotions, consider that emotion actually means “energy in motion.” It is derived from the Latin word which means “to move.”

If you consider the importance of movement, sound and breath in all areas of life you will become more alive in the present moment.

For example, if you found just 10 minutes per day to walk on the earth; grass in the yard or park or even the sand by the ocean, then you will strengthen all your cells due to the electromagnetic energy that is absorbed through your bare feet.

Your emotional energy will be charged and you will be more in touch with your emotions.

If you want to take this to another level…

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