Change Your Health By Changing Your Point Of Attraction!


How you tell the story of your life seems to be a common message, but it’s a vital message that bears repeating and repeating often.

When your health is not what you want it to be, it’s so easy to allow yourself to slip into speaking of how horrible you feel, but to attract the wellness you so desperately desire, you must stop speaking of how awful you feel and change your point of attraction.

As a menopausal woman (said with the most loving voice I can muster… LOL), my body has been behaving in ways that are less than pleasing to me.

It’s very easy to talk about what’s not working right and how my body is betraying me but to do so simply perpetuates the issue.

For me, it’s about focusing upon the wellness that exists in my body right now and how it’s increasing every day.

When I focus on the wellness, I am expanding and attracting wellness to me.  I know my magnificent body is doing exactly what it needs to do to increase my experience of wellness.

This thought pattern pertains to all areas of your life as well…. financial, spiritual, relationships, etc.  You must look for the good all around you in all areas of your life to expand that good.

You cannot continue to talk about how bad everything is and expect it to change.  You must look at your life through the eyes of your Inner Goddess.

She sees only the good in all the experiences and conditions and people.  It’s from this higher vibrational perspective that you can attract the people, opportunities and experiences that will change your life.

Understand that the more you can see your life through the eyes of your Inner Goddess, the more your life will become what you desire.  I am choosing to see my life the way my Inner Goddess sees it… including this menopausal experience.  What do YOU choose?

Call To Action

My coach’s request to you is to take pen to paper:

  1. Take three deep breaths, close your eyes and imagine your ideal when it comes to your health. Write it down.  Name the feelings.  Notice what you are doing, how your body feels, what you smell, what you taste, what you hear as well as what you can see and touch.
  1. Take the information from this vision and create what Abraham refers to as The Grid. Now, simply speaking, a grid is a collection of statements that have you feeling great pertaining to a particular subject.

The purpose of this exercise – or process – is to create a point of focus lasting at least 68 seconds.

Abraham teaches that 68 seconds of focused, pure thought – meaning no resistance equals the equivalent of around 20,000 hours of action.  Can you feel the power of that?  Begin each statement with:

I love the feeling of……

So, just to help illustrate here are some statement that have me in a good feeling space around my health:

I love the feeling of a healthy body.

I love the feeling of knowing my body knows how to heal itself.

I love the feeling of knowing that health and wellness is my Divine expression.

I love the feeling of understanding how gently moving my body increases my state of wellness.

I love the feeling of feeding my body nourishing foods.

I love the feeling of taking care of my body.

I love the feeling of a brisk walk in nature.

I love the feeling of my body when I belly dance.

I love the feeling of connection with my body and spirit doing yoga.

You get the idea.  The only requisite is that the statement has you feeling really good.  If it doesn’t feel good to you, there is resistance there, so don’t use that statement and find another.

My recommendation is to shoot for as close to 20 feel good statements as you possibly can.  What begins to happen as you work with these grids is the shifting of your point of attraction beginning with the very first grid you create! 

How awesome is that?  First, you start to feel better. 

Then, you notice synchronicities showing up for you and before long, your desire begins to physically manifest.  All from a daily 68 second process. 

Why not give it a shot!

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Elaine C. Torrance-Gingrich

Elaine C. Torrance-Gingrich Law of Attraction Coach

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