Heal Your Immune System With Sexual Energy

Sexual Energy

When it comes to healing the body, I have always had more of a holistic approach and sought natural remedies to help the healing process or prevention. It has fascinated me how the body heals itself and how it is wired.

Let’s look at that concept much deeper into energy and spiritually. Everything around us and within us is energy. Even Albert Einstein said that all matter is made of energy. When you break anything down to its atoms, they are made of protons and electrons.

Protons and electrons are energy. So everything in its purest and simplest form is energy. Everything you can see, touch, and taste are all made of energy. Every cell in our bodies is made of energy.

Even things you can’t see or feel, like sound and thoughts, are energy. All energy has a vibration. Actually, it is more accurate to say that energy is a vibration and every kind of energy vibrates at a different frequency.

From understanding the concept of energy, it makes sense that if energy has a blockage within our physical body, our immune system can become unhealthy and create all types of health issues.

It also makes sense that if we can cause these blockages in our bodies, we can also heal them.

For a moment, bring to your awareness to how you feel when you are around happy, positive and fun people. Now how do you feel when you are around angry, miserable and unhappy people?

We are forever picking up other peoples energy. Remember the saying ‘you become who you are around’ it couldn’t be any truer.

When you laugh, you are boosting your immune system by releasing endorphins. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can temporarily relieve pain.

Laughter also decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease.

Sexual Energy Is Your Life Force Energy

Now this brings me to talk to you about Sexual Energy. Sexual energy is your life force energy. We are born from sex cells, our very first experience at conception was an orgasm, I have spoken about the healing powers of orgasm in one of the Holistic Living editions, if you want to go back and read that one.

I want to talk more about how to raise your sexual energy and heal through pleasure. Our bodies are designed for pleasure, we can learn through pleasure just as much as we can learn through pain, so why do many of us choose pain over pleasure?

Do we not feel deserving of pleasure? Is it our childhood conditioning and the beliefs we have decided to hold on to. Our mindset has a lot to do with it and the relationship our mind has with our subconscious mind, body and spirit.

As I just mentioned earlier about laughter and also being around people that are happy, positive and fun makes you feel good, they give you pleasure. They say laughter is the best medicine and so is joy and pleasure.

We are sexual beings, we need to allow the sexual energy flow through us the feeling of orgasm is actually sexual energy which has a very intense and strong vibration, it stimulates the physical nerve endings.

The nerve endings are so sensitive that they can actually feel the sexual energy which is a non-physical substance. With a full body orgasm the physical nerve endings of the entire body are stimulated by the highly vibrating sexual energy.

Have you noticed when you are in orgasm that you are in a state of bliss, the most natural and pleasurable space to be in.

Women who engage in regular sexual activity with their partners have higher levels of estrogen, which protects against heart disease.

Men who have sex two times per week may have fewer heart attacks than those who do not.

The hormones released during sex causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, and it engages almost every muscle in the body. After sex, blood vessels dilate and blood pressure is then reduced.

This change in blood vessel constriction may also help with tension headaches.

The endorphins released during sexual intercourse and orgasms are natural mood-boosters and stress relievers.

Regular sex can also boost your self-esteem and increase intimacy between partners.

Studies have found that semen does contain several mood-altering hormones that can reduce depression, testosterone, oestrogen, follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone pheromones, serotonin and several different feel good hormones.

Some of these changes have been detected in a women’s blood within hours of exposure to semen.

Rutgers University, psychology Professor Barry Komisaruk has a framed image of what female brain activity looks like during orgasm. It looks like a sunset. Every major region of her brain ignites at the height of climax.

He is the first to record such an image, and in recent years has used his research to improve women’s lives.

Several studies have indicated that one effect can be a healthier immune system.

Immunoglobin A is a type of natural antibody produced by the body and helps to boost the functioning of the immune system.

This antibody is released during an orgasm, leading to the theory that experiencing an orgasm on a regular basis may help the body’s natural disease-fighting properties.

Positive effects of an orgasm, may also include…

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