10 Healthy Habits For A Healthy Life

Healthy Habits

Several years ago, when I first entered into the realm of reclaiming responsibility for my health and my avatar (body), I accidentally healed myself of chronic candida and adrenal exhaustion.

My fungal infection was manifesting as growths emerging from the skin of my arms and chest and I was often so tired that I would be barely able to keep my eyes open by 10 am in the morning if not staying physically active.

However this did not motivate me to get off my ass and get healthy
what motivated me was seeing the spark of inspiration in the eyes of several inspired people who crossed my path at the time who mirrored that inspiration within myself.

I tuned into a part of me that had lied dormant below the suppressive nature of the dietary and lifestyle programming of the Western cult-ure; a part that knew that within me lied an unstoppable and unlimited potential for health that would not be obtained from ANY external searchings or yearns, but simply via an exploration into my own TRUE nature.

I began to not sort fixing myself, but to partake in a journey within. Naturally, I became interested in practices, herbs, foods etc. that were not a remedy for anything that was “wrong” with me, but those that were driven by a joyous curiosity and excitement.

I began to add them into my life, ready to unlock the super human potential that all humans keep in an unlocked prison within their own cells.

Day by day, month by month, these “issues” cited above were given rite of passage within me to be released, and were replaced with a vitality and physical empowerment that still sends shivers up my spine when I think about that moment when they were realised and I deeply reconnected to my body and my health.

These are some of the healthy habits that I personally added into my life at that healing time.

These healthy habits, I am happy to say, still have a place (albeit sometimes in a different seat) in my personal culture, indicating that if you want your healing strategy to have legs, you must add them in with joy and excitement in your heart, which is the state of being I was in when adding these:

1. Fresh, locally and personally harvested spring water: Drinking at least 3 litres a day with sea salt and MSM added.

2. Superfoods: I made chlorella, spirulina, maca, bee pollen, gojis, cacao, hemp, honey, gubinge, coconut, camu camu and thers a STAPLE in my diet, having at least 2 superfood smoothies a day.

3. Medicinal mushrooms: I put my body first, and therefore invested heavily in obtaining the greatest chaga and reishi mushroom I could find and taking tablespoons every day; so much fun. This was the key to healing my adrenals.

4. I made tea: I got into the game of making the most powerfully antifungal, antiviral, healing and immunological teas I could get my hands on. These were specifically pau d’ arco, cat’s claw and horse tail.

5. Fermented foods: these became a cornerstone in my diet. Every solid meal had fermented vegetables on the side, I drank kefir and I took a very good probiotic.

6. I took up abdominal breathing: simple guys, breath with you diaphragm, not into your chest. Pranayama via my yoga practice was my personal path.

7. Yin yoga: I needed to get relaxed and learn to surrender. Yin yoga was my greatest teacher in this. It also released my fascia to get some stretchy lovin’, allowing emotional releases to abound.

8. Barefoot running: I always hated running, so I looked at it from a different angle! I kicked off my rubber soled foot prisons and started running on natural surfaces. This reconnected me to my physiology and connected me to the earth.

9. I got into far infrared saunas: this has been by far the greatest tool for detoxifying the insidious, disease causing toxins that festered in my body.

10. I took zeolites and fulvic acid: these wonderful allies for detoxification (I believe) emancipated me from the overloaded presence of heavy metals and plaque build up that was keeping me dumbed down.

There were other aspects of course, many emotional and spiritual based ones, however these were, and are the most profound additions for my personal journey of accidental healing and health sovereignty reactualisation.

I hope these practices may assist you along your journey in some small way if inspiration calls you their way.

At the very least, I hope you are inspired to remember that the super human health you desire does not lie in any external diet, program or teachings, but deeply within your own unique, beautiful and perfectly imperfect avatar (body); you just need to be willing to crack open the surface, dive within, and get ready to go on the most epic journey of self discovery you could have ever imagined.

Mason Taylor

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Mason Taylor

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