Meditation For Health


Moving currents of subtle energy through the quantum field of the body (electromagnetic/subtle body) is an art that has been practiced by many cultures for thousands of years.

Chi and Prana are the more common names for this mysterious energy. As a teacher and practitioner of Chi Gong I have experienced and witnessed what this nurturing energy can do.

Acupuncturists treat disease (excess or deficiency) by stimulating and balancing the flow of chi in the organism.

Meditation is also a method of moving this energy. Meridians, or energy pathways, can be seen as the veins and arteries of the subtle body.

To clear channels and thereby assist in restoring health to the tissues or organs in question there are some simple suggestions that I can offer.

First of all, chi will respond to the mind. It responds best when the mind is empty. Chi will move to where the mind moves it.

The mind can disperse blockages (stagnation) when it is focused in whichever area. To empty the mind, focus on the breath. Then follow the breath and become one with it. When you are one with the breath, thoughts will become quite still.

Next, bring your mind to the area about 2 to 3 inches below the navel and one to two inches below the skin of that same area.

Focus there for a while, become one with that center. Then move the energy (chi) to the area in question. If you try this you should notice evidence of the positive effects of this energy.

The mind and body are interdependent. They are one. What effects the body effects the mind. What effects the mind effects the body.

When the mind is given a chance to rest in meditation, the body will rest as well. Sleep will become deeper, stress will dissipate. Non action brings efficiency to action.

Action brings meaning to non action. Balance is the key. Nurture mind, body, and spirit equally and they will get along, working in harmony toward the attainment of your life’s purpose.

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Matt Collman

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