Releasing Negative Blocks With Forgiveness


Blocks can be created in our lives by holding onto anger, frustration, irritation, jealousy, resentment or any other negative feeling or emotions about a person, group of people or situation.

This negativity can block us from having optimal health (our body sends us signals constantly), harmonious and loving relationships, our desired career, sustained financial well-being and just about anything else we intend to manifest or create in our lives.

The first step and one that is ongoing is to release this negativity through the process of forgiveness.

This does not mean that you must condone the hurtful actions of another, it simply means that you are aware of the need to release your toxic feelings and that you are willing to release them; you are doing this for yourself (it is ALL about self-love).

Holding onto to ANY negativity diminishes your ability to see abundance in all things; no matter what you create negativity will affect your ability to find joy in it.

If nothing comes to mind, than you must take the time to uncover that which needs releasing as every single human being, no exceptions, is holding onto something that, if left unchecked, will build over time and become an impediment in some way.

The only person truly hurt by not forgiving another is YOU, but make no mistake; everyone else in your life is affected (including our children and animals)

Having a forgiveness healing ceremony or ritual will allow you to release these negative energy blocks; this will take about 30-60 minutes.

First, settle comfortably into a quiet room, preferably dimly lit with a pen and pad of paper. You can have soft music playing and light a candle.

Ask your angels and guides to be with you to help with this process; they are your celestial guidance team.

You need to surrender the process to your team and your higher-self; following the guidance of your intuition completely. You are going to be writing names on a list; the first name will be yours.

Next, ask your angels and guides to help you discover any other names or situations that need to be on the list and DO NOT censor yourself (you may be surprised who ends up on your list).

Allow memories to flow and if you are struggling with considering a release for a particular individual or situation, ask yourself “have I not suffered and/or learned enough from this?” and be willing to let it go.

Once you feel you have the names needed on your list at this time, you will do a forgiveness healing ritual for each one. For each name or situation that is on your list, you will individually say the following intention to your angels:

I am willing to release any and all negative feelings and toxic emotions related to this person/situation; including myself for the role I played in it. I ask that my angels take this negativity to the light for transmutation and leave me with the lessons and love.

I ask that Archangel Michael please cut any unhealthy Etheric cords that resulted from this and take them to the light. I ask that Archangel Raphael fill me with green healing light to heal my heart and soul as I choose to forgive in all directions of time.

It is important to do each one separately. If there is a person or situation that you do not want to forgive, you should move onto the next one and come back to that one with a different method.

For anybody/situation that you are finding difficult to forgive, you must write an anger release letter to them.

This letter is for your eyes only and is used for the purpose of release.

Simply write every single negative feeling and toxic emotion that is taking up space in your soul; this is the time to literally let it rip and say everything angry, vile thing that you have been feeling on that paper.

Once the letter is complete, refer to the intention stated above.

Once all your list and letter(s) are done, you will destroy them (burn, shred, bury, etc…); whatever method feel best. You will end your ritual with a detox bath or shower to further release toxins using sea salt (a scrub or bath salts).

While in the bath or shower, ask your angels to surround you with pink light so that you can give and receive the love of others and yourself. The purpose of this entire ritual is to leave us with the love, the highest energy of all.

Love is aligned with abundance and without loving yourself first; you cannot attract it into your life (that is why your name is first on the list to forgive).

Forgiveness now needs to be a habit; if we are alive we need to forgive. The full moon presents an amazing opportunity to release every month because the energy of the full moon is related to releasing.

You can use the forgiveness healing ritual every month (it will flow more quickly after the initial one) to release negative emotions from even the most minor irritations that occur throughout the month.

Try to forgive in the moment when daily frustrations occur, but also put those names on your full moon forgiveness list to completely release.

You can keep a forgiveness page in your gratitude journal (a journal that records daily that for which we are thankful) to keep track, than use it for the forgiveness ritual during the full moon.

The gratitude journal keeps your energy aligned with love and the forgiveness page will ensure you release negativity with every full moon. Archangel Haniel works with the moon’s energy, call on her for help with releasing during the full moon cycle.

May the blessings of forgiveness leave you filled with peace and love, Namaste.

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Gina Sendef

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