Maintaining Your Mind & Body. Stay Healthy & Young

Healthy & Young

Wrinkle creams, surgery, yoga, going plant-based; it seems that everyone nowadays is searching for the next best “fountain of youth”. However tempting quick solutions might sound, this article will focus on alternative, more natural ways of how one can slow down the ageing process and not only appear but also feel younger and more energetic in day to day life.

In fact, the very term “staying young” does not only have to do with physical appearance. Someone can easily be over sixty with the mind of a twenty-something-year-old and wise versa.

So, grab a freshly brewed cup of coffee and sit back, because here are the best ways to keep the mind and body healthy and young.

1. Switch Up The Diet

The number one most obvious step one can make to improve health, look and feel radiant is to completely switch up your diet. Nowadays, social media is all about losing weight and resorting to drastic measures.

Crash diets such as the lemon diet and the watermelon diet are extremely popular and they will definitely help you shed some excess weight, but only short-term with health risks.

Instead, look for alternative choices which will over time become a lifestyle. For example, many consider a plant-based diet the best way to not only look younger but feel better spiritually and mentally.

According to nutritionist, Resveratrol, Ellagic acid and Beta-Glucan (also called nutricosmetics) are only found in plants such as red grapes, raspberries and oats. Most importantly, a balanced vegan diet can help with skin rejuvenation and heal skin conditions such as acne.

Fortunately, the demand for vegan-friendly products in Australia has increased in recent years.

2. Go For A Walk

Without some form of exercise, there is basically minimal chance that a person might feel (and look!) youthful and radiant. Of course, not everyone is keen on going to the gym or doing intense workouts.

In fact, one of the best ways to balance the health of the body, mind and spirit is by taking regular walks daily (preferably in nature!). So, if walking is beneficial for a healthy life, then why not do it more frequently?

One of the most well-known health benefits of walking is that it keeps the heart vital and it lessens the chance of a heart attack. And a healthy heart is vital for long life. This is why you need to do everything you can to keep it as healthy as possible.

And sometimes including a visit to the professionals, such as Sydney specialist cardiologist, is the best thing one can do in taking preventative measures. Walking also does wonders in reducing stress levels since it helps produce endorphins (happy hormones!).

So, aim for at least twenty minutes of walking every single day.

3. Socialize & Go Out More

Frequently, we get caught up in work and responsibilities, so we tend to cut off important people in our life. Unfortunately, it is not rare that someone over fifty has only one friend or none at all.

Nevertheless, another excellent way to keep your mind fresh when you are over fifty is to reconnect with friends and family members, or just go out more into the world. In fact, communication with other people can be one of the best forms of mental exercise.

Of course, if you are struggling with making new friends, consider joining a club or attend a local concert. You will be surprised at how much you may have in common with a stranger.

4. Mind Your Energy

Energy is so important; it introduces us even before we have the chance to speak! So, always strive to appear kind and lively to everyone you meet.

Even though you might feel worn-out and tired because of your busy schedule, make an effort and force yourself to feel more positive. Of course, like everything in life, this is a skill that is learned over time.

People who smile more and who are energetic tend to appear more youthful!

In summary, the most important thing one should strive to achieve is a complete balance between the body, the mind and the spirit. Only this way can one enjoy life at its fullest. Above all, stay positive and look at the brighter side of life.

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