Laser Therapy – What Is It?

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy or medicine is the use of various types of lasers in medical diagnosis, treatment, or therapy. Types of lasers used in medicine include in principle any laser design, especially:

Typical commercial dye laser as used in many of the early medical laser systems. This particular laser is a CW rhodamine dye laser emitting near 590 nm.

Although dye lasers are still used in several medical applications new systems based on solid-state and fiber laser technologies are being introduced in this area.

* CO2 lasers,
* diode lasers,
* dye lasers,
* excimer lasers,
* fiber lasers,
* gas lasers,
* free electron lasers
* optical parametric oscillators.

Laser radiation being delivered, via a fiber, for photodynamic therapy (PDT).

Medical Areas That Employ Lasers Include:

* angioplasty,
* cancer laser photodynamic therapy (PDT),
* dentistry,
* dermatology,
* lithotripsy,
* mammography,
* microscopy,
* ophthalmology (includes Lasik),
* optical coherence tomography,
* surgery,
* urology,
* various cosmetic applications such as laser hair removal

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