SFEF Kinesiology – What Is It?

SFEF Kinesiology

SFEF Kinesiology combines both Chinese medicine and Western Kinesiology and other concepts to create a powerful healing tool that is capable of healing many illnesses and disorders.

It helps the body’s ability to free its healing processes from blockages, external influences and other obstacles.  It is very easy to learn and is recognised by the Australian Kinesiology Association.

Explaining SFEF Kinesiology

What exactly is SFEF Kinesiology?  It is a therapy that balances the physical, emotional, chemical and electrical systems in the body.  This therapy listens to the body in that it recognises that the body is able to tell what it needs to function healthily.

SFEF Kinesiology uses techniques that are both manual and energetic (in the way of working on the body’s energy systems) to return the body to health and maintain that state of health.

SFEF Kinesiology believes that all illness occurs as a result of a disruption to the body’s various systems.

This disruption may be in the form of trauma or some type of dysfunction.  As the body is thought of as a communication system, clearing these disruptions or blockages  in the communication system allows the body to restore internal harmony and external health.

This therapy can be used in conjunction with any other healing therapy, including modern medicine.  Practitioners work together with other health care professionals to ensure that the body’s systems are cleared of disruptions so that health can ensue.

SFEF Kinesiology Is Able To Treat A Wide Variety Of Conditions Which Include:

1 food and chemical sensitivities
2 allergies
3 physical and emotional pain
4 sports injuries
5 problems with the immune system
6 digestive system issues
7 energy system disorders
8 headaches and migraines
9 phobias and fears
10 learning difficulties
11 stress
12 depression
13 nervous disorders
14 sleep disorders
15 changing bad habits / breaking addictions
16 helping you achieve your goals

There is no limit on what can be treated by this therapy – the only limit is the practitioner’s skill. SFEF Kinesiology is fast, powerful for complete healing.

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