How Releasing Negative Emotions Can Help You Live A Better Life

releasing negative emotions

It’s not easy to deal with painful emotions, it is sometimes much easier to keep them bottled up inside of you and pretend they don’t exist. What we don’t know doesn’t hurt us, right? Wrong. Releasing negative emotions is important to your health and wellbeing.

From my personal experience and through working with my clients, I have learned that if we don’t deal with pain when it occurs, it will resurface as compounded emotional toxicity later on in life, showing up as disease or DIS-EASE in your body and showing up as anger, fear, anxiety, or skin conditions, gut conditions, throat conditions etc.

These trapped emotions will lower your immune system and other functions in your body.

When you experience physical discomfort, it means that something is not in balance, emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually.

Your body knows it, every cell in your body knows it. You may not know it consciously, but if you listen (and I mean truly listen), your body will start speaking to you.

Start to listen to these sensations and listen to their wisdom, because the pain or discomfort is telling you something is not right and leading you to change.

You can see it is key to good health and well-being to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually free from these emotions that have been trapped in your cells.

The reason being, if you do not deal with these emotions outwardly, you will turn them inward and project the anger, fear etc. at yourself. This will start sabotaging you in your life.

You may not even realise this is happening to you. It happens subconsciously and very deeply.

How Do You Access These Emotions?  Who Do You Get To Help You When Releasing Emotions From Your Body?

There are many different modalities to help you in releasing emotions. I use massage, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline therapy, Journey therapy and energy work with my clients. I have used these techniques on myself in the past as well and I find them very effective.

I did however find that after doing years of this work on myself, the emotional blocks were gone but they were still showing up as blocks in my physical body as stuck energy, so I have started doing bodywork for myself.

No one therapy is the thing that will clear every emotion as we have to work on different levels.

I am seeing a therapist who uses breathwork, massage therapy, energy healing and sound therapy to help release the emotions that are still trapped in my body. It is amazing how these methods works for me right now.

I feel the way I have worked on myself is perfect for me as the body will only release what it is capable of releasing and I lived my early years in terror.

I managed to clear the emotions and can tell my ‘story’ without feeling emotional but I know that the trauma is still in my body and manifesting as throat/thyroid/adrenal issues.

For me to explain this further I feel like I have to tell you part of my story… My biological mother was schizophrenic and back in the 70’s the treatment was not as good as it is today.

My mother used to lock me in cupboards and forget to feed me and I remember that I had to stay really still and quiet or she would hurt me.

You would have heard of fight/flight/freeze. This is the natural fear response we have in our body but when someone has lived in terror, this switch does not always switch off.

This causes issues physically and having adrenalin constantly running through your body causes the adrenals to burn out and usually the person will suffer high levels of anxiety. This is very common in today’s society, where our stress levels are so high.

So even as a young baby, my subconscious mind gave me a strategy to keep me safe, but I took that into my adult life.  For most of my adult life, I did not want to be seen or heard.

In fact I started building my business showcasing other experts because I wanted my message out there but did not want to be seen.

I have done a lot of personal development on myself and have realised that even though not everyone will ‘like’ me, it is OK and it is safe for me to be seen and heard.

So I am still in the process of healing my adrenals and thyroid. I have so much more of an understanding of how far I have come and still there is a way to go.

I have been doing breathwork or rebirthing and the trauma that was stuck in my body as a baby is starting to release.

It feels strange and a little scary (as I have never felt these emotions releasing before) and sometimes I get triggered and regress back to that baby, but as the sessions go on, I am more and more able to express myself vocally.

I learnt as a small child that it was ‘unsafe’ for me to be heard, so I have had issues speaking my truth and standing up for myself.

This is changing, the more inner work I do. I have also been getting a release of energy around my ears (a crazy tingling sensation) and my hearing has also started getting better.

I didn’t even think my hearing issues were connected but it turns out they are!

It is amazing whether you do the subconscious mind work or the breathing, meditation, massage or whatever therapy you choose to use, if you set the intention to release emotions that are trapped inside of you, it will happen.

Often people are fearful of who they might be without the ‘stuff’ that they are holding onto. In my experience, letting go of the old gives you a sense of freedom and you are more able to move forward to live the life you want.

Remember that our limits are set to our beliefs, so when you expand your beliefs, you expand the limits to your personal growth.

Find the therapist and therapy that resonates with you, book a session and give it a go.

The beauty of this life is, it is a journey and you have choices, so you can chose what works for you and who you want to work with.

I wish you all the best on your journey to uncovering any trapped or hidden emotions that are holding you back in your life and if you feel like I am the one to help you, please get in touch and book a session to releasing negative emotions.

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Sharon White

Sharon White – Subconscious Mind Expert

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