What Tools Do Shamans Use?


Question:  What are the tools Shaman’s use?  I heard they use drugs to induce their spirit walks.

Answer:  Allow me to first state that what I share is simply my perspective and what works for me personally.  I believe that every soul is different and thus their tools will be reflected as such.

Let me start with the second question first.  While I know that many do use various herbs to help induce shamanic trance, I will share as I was taught.  If you can not journey without the external, you will never find the internal.

For me, I have never used herbal supplements to aid in learning trance state or journey’s.

Though, it could be argued that even sage is a herbal supplement (which I often will burn in my fires), I believe your question was to other types of psychedelic drugs and ayahuasca tea.

Even with tools, I was taught that when doing work one should learn to depend upon the internal to step into the flow of the external.

Meaning if I can not do my “work” without the paraphernalia I am using my own energy rather than being a conduit for Universal energy.  Do I own some of these “tools”?  Yes.  Most of which have been gifted to me over the years.

Divining:  Do I have some sort of cards?  Yes.  Do I use them in readings?  Rarely, but does at times use them for picture screens.  Most of the time I use a set of stones.

My original set we will call them “misplaced” had many symbols that a teacher taught me.  The new set that I have created have my symbols on them.  For the most part, these are what I use in doing any type of ‘reading’ or divining.

Pendulum:  Do I have one?  Yes, several actually.  Again they were gifted to me.  However, I had a teacher that taught me to become the pendulum.  Using your whole body or a simple finger in order to receive yes or no answers has it’s advantages.

Can honestly say the teenagers were not really excited that I learned this skill.  I do use the pendulum when teaching in order that the results are seen by the one I am teaching.

Crystals:  Do I have any?  Yes, several.  I love crystals, stones, rocks, branches, shells, and just about anything that comes from the nature.  Do I do healing with them?  Not really.  There are some favorite stones that I recommend to people as they can be of great benefit.

I do have to say that I use two particular stones more frequently than others.  Selenite to clear the energy (especially at the dining room table) and moldavite (a high vibration frequency meteorite ). 

The benefit of stones and crystals is that they can be programmed with energy to amplify intentions for those who are not comfortable with tapping into Universal energy themselves.

One thing I do wish to add here, be mindful of where you get your stones and crystals.  Many of the mining of these precious stones is not in accordance with the laws of nature or some may have programming from others.

Be sure to thank the stone/crystal for coming to you and leaving its natural habitat to assist you, be sure to clear or cleanse the stone (my favorite two ways are to bury them back into the ground or burying them in a large bowl of sea salt), and be sure to treat your stones/crystals for the gift that they are.

Drums:  Do I have one?  Yes, several actually ranging in size and style that were all gifted to me.  The beat of the drum is a wonderful experience that can shift the vibration of a room or even yourself. 

I was taught to learn the beat of my internal first, the beat of your own heart.  It is then that you are never without your drum.

My Personal Tools:

Diet, exercise, and rest.  They are vital for anyone doing spiritual work, physical work, or work. Breath work or breath control is one of the greatest tools that can develop awareness and assist anyone working with energy of any type.

Fire:  My fires are my meditation, journey, and divining tool.  They speak to me.

Hope this answers your question about tools and the work of Shamans. 

As I said, there are many tools such as the medicine bundle, the sacred pipes, feathers, and the list goes on that are used.  Many that each of us hold as sacred, but not necessarily vital in doing our work.  Just sacred and special to aid in work.

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Carla Goddard

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