Holistic Intervention – What Is It?

Holistic Intervention

Holistic Intervention is a unified approach to the wholeness of wellbeing. At any time a person is in physical pain or repeatedly “happens” upon injury there is an underlying cause.

Medical science will show the disruption to cells and organs, microbiology will show the invasion by bacteria into the cells of the various systems of the body.

These are all the outward or physical signs and symptoms of a body in a state of disrepair or dis-ease meaning the inner self is not at ease in life. This is time to look after your holistic health meaning treating your body on many different levels. Taking a holistic approach can be so beneficial for many ailments.

As a lifelong practitioner of educating and mentoring clients to knowing how they “happen” to bring into being the physical symptoms I have combined a number of certificated learnings with the gift of Divine Guidance, where in I am able to “see” within the body and feel what is taking place for that person.

More than this is the ability to find the root cause of the physical issue, most often this will go back to childhood or even further to the time of being in the womb or even further still to past lives to family lineage that is “hooked” into your life through the DNA.

The philosophy of holistic intervention is the belief that parts of the something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

In medicine it is defined as being characterised by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account the mental and social factors rather than just the symptoms.

If you were to attend a Holistic GP they would go beyond the symptoms and disease that you may present with and work to find the root cause of the presenting problem.

A holistic doctor works with the whole person: body, mind, emotion and spirit. All of these components make up the “whole” person and need to be addressed to bring about health and wellness.

Most often a Holistic GP will have practiced things such as Reiki, Kinesiology and other such modalities which they have studied.

In my 33 years as a practitioner in healing the self I have been able to combine the knowledge and training from being a Nurse with research in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Buddhism and certificates in fitness and health with the most important aspect of my abilities of all being the gift to “see” what is around and within a person who presents to me.

Because this wonderful combination has provided me with the skills not only release and heal but prevention of the onset of an illness or disease I call the modality “Holistic Intervention”

There is no doubt that we cannot heal the body without addressing our emotions, behaviours, beliefs, and spiritual needs.

I have come to know that when there is a void of a belief system there is emptiness and a sense of aloneness. And this is a difficult place for healing of a sick mind body and soul.

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Gwenda M. Smith

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