3 Easy Affordable & Natural Steps For Healthy Winter Skin

Healthy Winter Skin

Winter is tough. At least that’s what everyone tells us but it doesn’t have to be. You can have healthy winter skin.

Winter has a bad reputation it’s not completely deserving of because it’s a time for healing, for resting and for meditating for many living things and as the largest organ we have, our skin is no different.

Many of us shudder (pun intended!) at the thought of dry winter months and the effects the freezing conditions are going to have but armed with the right, often cheap, easy tools, we won’t just rest easy, we’ll be screaming from the rooftops – bring it on!

Want to know more?

Of course you do!

Don’t Fool Yourself – The Sun Is Still There!

This is especially true at higher altitudes. Many of us sport enthusiasts can’t wait to get out there and hit the slopes at the first sign of snow but we often forget about the effect being closer to the sun has on our skin.

Though we’re covered up, we often miss our face and necks. Chapped lips are a common occurrence during winter but don’t ignore nature’s warning – apply a suitable lip balm and a sun protection cream to limit the damage the sun has on our skin.

Always ensure you keep your skin moisturised during the colder months with an effective day and night cream routine and body lotion solution.

Body butters are a delectable option to the extra dryer conditions your skin may be facing during the colder season and organic based solutions can be found in a few ethical organisations now.

Keeping your skin moisturised during winter is affordable and easily achieved so really, it’s a no-brainer!

Make Turmeric Your BFF …

Winter tends to bring the aftereffects of niggling injuries we may have acquired along the way to the forefront.

A good journey is one that includes all the ups and downs we’ve experienced to get right here which often means prior damage to our bodies. We’re not going to let that stop us from enjoying life to its fullest though, are we?

No way!

Though the colder weather may cause some of our old wounds to flare up a little from time to time, we don’t have to live with these revisits.

Turmeric is well known for its amazing attributes, traditionally used in India though Yoga and Ayurveda practices; turmeric is encouraged by many natural healers. A small amount mixed in warm milk (with freshly ground black pepper for increased absorption) in the morning may keep arthritic pain and associated inflammation at bay for good.

Turmeric also has a wide array of benefits for the skin including the easing of eczema, purifying the blood and maintaining a glowing skin just to mention a few.

Turmeric is commonly found in your local health outlets (as well as Indian grocery stores as the ingredient is very common in Indian cuisine) and there are a wide variety of options available from Certified Organic, Organic and natural as well as hand-pounded varieties to capture as much of the natural aromatic flavour as possible.

Due to its ever increasing popularity, you may even find this wonder spice of mother nature at your local supermarket too – have a check next time you’re grocery shopping.

Massage Those Knots Away …

You know how your mum always told you that it’s what’s inside that counts?

Turns out mum was right – as always!

Our skin, hair and nails are a reflection of what’s occurring inside of us. It’s also common knowledge that as the largest organ of our body, skin is also often the first victim of stress.

Massage is a superb natural option to destressing ourselves. Not only does it feel amazing, massage is great for our inner and outer health. Even if the word massage conjures up images of rich celebrities, remember it doesn’t have to be the case.

Consider arranging a girls night out where you all pitch in for a masseur (sharing the costs could make it more affordable for all you very deserving girlfriends) and it also makes it a great alternative to a calming, soothing time out from the daily tests we all face.

And that’s a wrap …

There you have it – 3 Cheap and Easy ways to keep your winter skin at its optimum during the entire year.

With these easy tactics that not only help you, but the planet as well (if you use natural options), none of us have any excuses when it comes to maintaining healthy and glowing skin.

Do you have any other tips we’ve missed? Let us know in your comments.

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Mituri Pradip Sharma – Nim-Véda Australia

Mituri works at Nim-Véda Australia in the Marketing/PR Department, a company that manufactures Certified Organic, Organic & Natural Personal Care Products and High Quality Raw Gourmet Food Ingredients.

Previously having worked as a print journalist for Australia’s Second Largest Publishing House, Express Publications, News Corp and a variety of Online & Print Mediums, Mituri now spends her days learning about the ever growing and increasingly popular Health and Lifestyle sector as it relates to Organic Products. E-Mail; generalinfo@nimveda.com Website Link.

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