Meditation On Balancing Your Shadow

FREE Meditation On Balancing Your Shadow

Let’s talk about the shadow self. In psychology they talk about parts of yourself that you don’t want to admit having. Parts that you deny or feel ashamed of. Mostly it’s unconscious. When you become aware, you can start to recognise your shadow.

When you recognise these shadow parts, you can learn how to love, accept and integrate this part of yourself for true healing. 

You need to accept that you are human and that you have good and bad, black and white, positive and negative within you. If you accept that you have good qualities. You must accept that the opposite may be true.

When we are young we are told to be kind, generous, patient, loving, grateful, forgiving, compassionate, brave, moral, accepting. We are told we are not supposed to be manipulative, controlling, self-centered, uncaring, revengeful, bitter, jealous.

We are taught to be good boys and girls and deny these dark parts of ourselves, so we tend to deny and bury them.

At times we are all of these things and that’s perfectly fine. When we are aware, we can then transmute these emotions and get the lessons from them. They are here to serve us, to give us a message.

Holding onto or hiding this shadow self can be dangerous to your health. You can get physical illness like anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain. When you push away parts of yourself you cause stress in your body which causes dis-ease.

When you are looking at healing your body you need to integrate all parts of the self and accept and love yourself just as you are right now.

This meditation will help you to reach a state of consciousness to help you get in the right energy for balancing your shadow self.

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I am a hypnotherapist and NLP trainer so the energy you are in is very important when changing your life and doing any inner journey work.

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