11 Fitness & Wellness Tips To Better Health

Fitness & Wellness Tips

If you want better health, here are some great tips for you.

1. Set A ScheduleBe realistic. If you have neglected your classes or personal fitness and wellness programs you can begin afresh starting now. 

2. Team Up – You’re more likely to stick with your plan if you join a class with a friend or colleague. Choose someone who has similar goals whose schedule fits with your own. Get together at the same time 2 to 3 days a week, whether it’s before work or just before dinner.

3. Look The Part – Buy new Active wear such as leggings, singlet, t-shirt. Looking the part is a positive motivation.

4. Clean Out Your Kitchen Cupboards – Still have that bag of chocolate eggs from Easter or Christmas pudding from Christmas?

Get rid of them. While you’re at it, throw away other foods like chips, sugary biscuits, cereals, white bread and all those foods with added sugar and no nutritional value, yes, even the ones that say low kj or low fat, as most of these snacks are loaded with sugar and we all know now that sugar is the DEVIL in disguise of sweetness!

5. Protect Your Skin – Now that the weather is warming up and you head to the beach for a surf, a run or a walk with purpose, this means more vitamin D, which is a good thing, but it also means your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays. Rub waterproof lotion with a minimum SPF 15 especially between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm

6. Pump Up Your Playlist On Your IPod or Phone – For your beachside walks to get you grooving and moving or enjoy the new chill Yoga Nidra tracks to float you away while visualising and creating your intentions in Restorative Pilates or other Pilates classes and Workshops.

7. Stretch Out – The best way to prevent injury is to stretch, so check my online stretches on my Facebook page.  Here is an example: breathing and posture awareness. roll downs, thoracic twists to down dog/inverted V, plank, all 4’s and spinal mobilisation with cat stretch, back stretch with dynamic stretch of toes and back up to down dog and walk hands back to feet and roll back up to standing and balance.

Just 8 minutes and you have warmed up. This will have you ready for more dynamic spine twists, core conditioning, back work and ready for a cardio dance section of classes.

8. Stay Hydrated – Avoid muscle cramping and fatigue by drinking about two litres of water a day, and 300mls just before exercising and drink up during and after your workout.

It is better to use stainless steel bottles to avoid some of the chemicals associated with certain plastic varieties (such as Bisphenol A, or BPA).

9. Change Your Thinking – Instead of exercising based purely on guilt or weight loss, concentrate on how you feel. Make sure you are enjoying what you are doing, love where you are and enjoy the vibe of the people and your instructor.

My mantra is ‘joy for living’ and if it is not joyful and making you feel good it is not for you.

10. Step Off The Scale – Remember muscle weighs more than fat, so although once you are in your zone, doing your chosen classes or adding extra activities to your program, looking more toned and feeling fabulous, there’s a chance you might not be shedding kg at the rate you expect.

The use of a measuring tape every two weeks will show you where you are trimming cm from your waist, hips, and other target areas.

11. Reward Yourself – Don’t forget to take care of your body. A relaxing and rewarding massage is the perfect way to pamper yourself, while alleviating toxins and speeding up muscle recovery.

Or try a Float in a Tank to relax body and mind or if you didn’t before buy that new piece of active wear to accentuate the new toned body that has emerged after your renewed fitness and wellness activities.

You can find much more information on living a holistic lifestyle in these free magazines and on our YouTube channel.

Jill Healy-QuintardJill Healy-Quintard – Yoga & Pilates Teacher


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