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Yoga Practice

Keep Your Yoga Practice Interesting If You Want To Stay Consistent

If you love the holistic practice of yoga and are looking to take it to the next level, try incorporating new...
Indoor Yoga

Benefits Of Indoor Yoga

The benefits of outdoor yoga have been documented thoroughly, and many of these benefits are valid. However, these benefits are not inclusive to all...
business strategies to consider before opening a yoga studio

5 Business Strategies To Consider Before Opening A Yoga Studio

Are you thinking about opening a yoga studio but don't know where to start? Well if you're taking the time to read this blog...
Yoga Could Change Your Life

Trying Yoga Could Change Your Life

Yoga has become a very popular part of many people's lives. Originally known as a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, yoga usually involves breath...
Simple & Effective Ways To Keep Your Mental Energy

Simple & Effective Ways To Keep Your Mental Energy

Everyday life can place a serious drain on your mental energy. Mental energy is key to a healthy lifestyle. In order to be your...
Combining Yoga & Dancing

Combining Yoga & Dancing In A Rhythmic & Passionate Way

Dancing and yoga are two favorite pastimes for people around the world. Dancing is all about moving with the beat and moving around, having...
Yoga Teacher Training

6 Reasons That Signal You Are Ready For A Yoga Teacher Training

Have you ever given a thought of teaching yoga? Are you looking for different ways to deepen your practice on a physical, intellectual and...
Fitness & Wellness Tips

11 Fitness & Wellness Tips To Better Health

If you want better health, here are some great tips for you. 1. Set A Schedule - Be realistic. If you have neglected your classes...
5 Posture And Core Connection Exercises

5 Proven Exercises To Strengthen & Tone Glutes & Thighs

If you want to strengthen & tone your glutes & thighs, here are some great exercises for you. Get ready for summer and get...

7 Critical Rookie Yogi Mistakes & How To Stay Clear Of Them 

Everyone falls the first time they ride a bike. However, with a little bit of information and good old practice, you’d be up and...


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