How To Get Rid Of Age Spots

Age Spots

Most women want to keep up with their fitness and care routines. No one wants to see themselves worsen day by day. They can use face masks, foot massage, skin care, and do their makeup at home, but how can you get rid of age spots which are most common in people over the age of 40?

Age spots are fast becoming a growing and constant problem for the millennial. Age spots are known by different names likes liver spot and solar lentigo.

An age spot can be defined medically as a blemish on the skin which can be caused due to various factors such as aging and exposure to the ultra violet radiation of the sun.

They are mostly located in the areas exposed to the sun like the face, hands, legs, shoulders and even the scalp if bald. The age spot can be of different colors ranging anywhere from light brown, red or black.

The name liver spot although causes alarm when first heard, does not have anything to do with the liver. The name liver spot originated because of the fact they were once believed to be caused due to problems of the liver.

The age spot or liver spot is completely unrelated to the functioning of the liver.

These Age Spots Are Caused Mainly Due To The Following Factors:

  • After a certain age, widely believed to be 40, the skin does not regenerate itself at the same speed of younger years. The slower regeneration of the skin is a common cause of age spots
  • People who spend excessive time in the sun are prone to the occurrence of the age spots due to the harmful nature of the ultra violet radiation

In most of the cases, age spots are not paid attention to since they are a small spot. They do not cause any danger and do not require any treatment. But in some cases when the age spots might not be pleasant to the eye, they can be removed by a small procedure.

There are different methods that can be used to remove the age spots and one should be careful to choose the method best suited according to their age and occupation, but always with the medical advice.

The Different Methods Available To Remove The Age Spots Medically Are:

  • Laser treatment involves using laser to gradually destroy the extra melanin in age spots. Many sessions may be required based on the intensity of the age spot and it is widely famous for being painless but a little expensive compared to other forms of treatments
  • Cryotherapy or freezing uses liquid nitrogen or other freezing agents on the age spots to destroy that extra pigmentation
  • Use of depigmentation agents
  • A chemical peel can be done where acid is used to burn away the outer layers and reveal fresh skin without spots. Several visits may be required
  • Dermabrasion is a process that uses abrasion to remove a layer of skin. This can be painful. Redness and scabs may also appear before the skin heals and a new spot free skin is created

In most cases, when consulted with a doctor, they will mention how these medical procedures are not the only way to get rid of the unpleasant age spots.

There are a number of prescription creams and home remedies that will help to control and also make the age spots less noticeable.

The Reasons Why The Medical Procedures Do Not Favor Everyone Are:

  • The procedures may not be affordable by everyone
  • The age spot is a condition that cannot be cured. Treatment can help but it may not be possible to do a procedure for every age spot that starts on the exposed skin
  • Age spots are not diseases that require treatment. Apart from the appearance, they do not change anything

The Alternative To These Medical Procedures Are The Following:

  • Prescription medicines like bleaching creams etc. can help reduce the appearance of age spots upon regular use
  • Over-the-counter treatments like lightening lotions are available at stores and also online, and many contain lower concentrations of the ingredients found in prescription treatments
  • Mild steroids can also be prescribed by doctors for the treatment of age spots and they can help in the fading of the spots over a period of time

The millennial characteristics vary according to the region, social and economic conditions. But one thing that is widely agreed upon is the higher occurrence of the age spots and other conditions due to the lifestyle and also the effect of the environment on them.

The changing environment is a cause for concern in most societies and the millennial should take proper precautions to avoid conditions that are caused mainly due to the harmful effect of the nature around them.

The plan should then be to help prevent this condition. The adage, prevention is better than cure rings true.

Some Of The Ways To Prevent Age Spots From Occurring Are:

  • The sun when it is strongest should be avoided in the afternoons
  • Long sleeves and pants can be worn for protection when possible
  • When full clothing is not an option, a good sunscreen will give the exposed skin good protection
  • Chose the sunscreen wisely with a good SPF. And apply the sunscreen 15 minutes before going into the sun so that it can be absorbed
  • Sunscreen should be reapplied every few hours
  • Excessive tanning should be avoided since they can damage the skin on a long run and can be a cause of age spots
  • Some home remedies that can be used for preventing age spots are essential oils, lemon juice, tea tree oil, grape seed oil, and yogurt. These products can be applied directly on the age spots and they act as mild bleach and over a period of time, the age spots tend to fade away

Age spots are harmless and require no treatment. But one should keep in mind that it can interfere with the diagnosis of other skin conditions. One should consult a doctor immediately when the following conditions of the spots are noticed.

  • The age spot is very darkly pigmented
  • If the spot has an irregular border
  • The spot also has redness, itching, bleeding or tenderness
  • If the spot is increasing in size
  • The spot has a different combination of colors

To conclude, one should be wary of the products they are using and keep a close eye on their body. Any change should be reported to the doctor and one should always give the highest priority to the medical advice.

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