Help! My Doctor Won’t Listen To Me.

doctor won’t listen to me

What to do when your doctor downplays your symptoms? (and how to politely disagree with them).

There are many people that feel their doctor won’t listen to them. You are not alone! I know the feeling when you tell your doctor your symptoms and you feel that they already know what they are going to prescribe you BEFORE you finish telling them how you feel.

You come out of the Dr’s office deflated with a prescription. You are left feeling frustrated at your lack of control over your own health care.

I had this happen to me. Read about my adrenal exhaustion. My dad also had this experience. He was a strong man, never complained and hardly ever went to the doctor.

He was 53 years of age and went to see his doctor complaining of heartburn, and weight loss. The doctor sent my dad away with medicine for heartburn. Dad was being treated for this for 6 months.

It was only when dad went back to the doctor in serious pain, that the proper tests were done. 7 days before he died, he was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. (This is one of the events that lead me to building GHE because I dont want to see another person or family go through the pain we did).

Now it isn’t always that serious of course but what can you do when your doctor won’t listen to you. Most doctors want to help you but they have a very short time frame to get to the root cause of your issues.

So When You Say, “My Doctor Won’t’ LIsten To Me”, What Can You Do?

1. Ask Questions

Don’t let your doctor ask you a series of routine questions. Of course answer the questions they ask you and then ask them open ended questions. Open ended questions open up the conversation.

Examples of closed-ended questions

Are you feeling better today?
Do you have pain in your chest?
Do you feel sick?

You get the idea, you have to answer yes or no to these questions.

Examples of open-ended questions

What would cause this feeling in my chest?
What can I do to alleviate this symptom without taking medicine?
Where would I find more information about this?

When you ask one of these questions, you have opened up the conversation and the doctor is more likely to give you the information you need.

2. Tell The Full Story

Because of the limited time doctors have, they tend to ask a series of standard questions that they rattle off. They do this many times a day and are experts at it.

If your doctor cuts you off, keep telling him your symptoms and what happened to you.

For example; if your doctor says when did the pain start, rather than saying 9 am this morning, start telling him/her what you were doing, what you felt, because the more information you can give them the easier it will be for them to gain the information they need to make a correct diagnoses.

3. Focus On Your Concerns

If you get the sense that your concerns are not being heard, say to the doctor, “I have tried to answer all your questions, but you still have not addressed my concerns. Can you please help me understand why I have had a pain in my chest and  feeling fatigued for the last week?”.

You can take charge of the conversation at that point. It’s your body. A doctor is there to help you but if they do not have all of the information, they can not get to the root cause and address your symptoms.

You may be dissatisfied or frustrated by your medical care, but remember you CAN take control of your health care.

In alternative healing, you generally get at least an hour with a practitioner who through asking questions can help to get to the root cause of your problems. Taking a pill, in many cases, masks the cause of the problem by addressing the symptoms.

When you are looking for true health the cause HAS to be treated because if it isn’t it will return, either in the same form of a different form of illness.

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  1. Really wished my doctors would listen. I have tried remaining calm and professional. I am not asking to be put on disability. I just asked with all my issues if I could get a work accommodation patient has x wrong with him and might need a few seconds more to type after call notes. I have seen two hand surgeons, family doctor, rheumatologist and two neurologists. Still have no diagnosis other than neuropathic pain. I get told if they do work accommodation my employer will fire me, or say that’s not why they hired me! It’s like how can these people be doctors and not know how the Americans with Disabilities Act works which I am legally disabled. My employer has even stated they would be glad to consider an accommodation just need the doctor to fill it out. They wonder why patients get upset and lose their will to live.


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