7 Ways To Achieve & Maintain A Clear & Healthy Subconscious Mind

subconscious mind

We are all vibrational beings, as is everything in our universe. How we are vibrating dictates what we attract to ourselves.

This is called the Law of Attraction – Made famous by Abraham Hicks.

As no thoughts are new to the brain, we only ever attract thoughts to ourselves. The thoughts that we do attract to our brains, are very much a case of how we are vibrating.

We attract these thoughts from two places, from the conscious or from our subconscious mind.

The conscious is where every thought has ever been vibrated and thought. When we are in high levels of vibration we retain many of our thoughts and inspiration from the conscious. These are clear inspirational and uplifting ideas.

When we are a bit lower in vibration, or a fear is triggered, we attract thoughts from our subconscious mind.

What is our subconscious mind? Every experience, repetitive thought pattern, belief or fear is stored here. It keeps a very informative record of what we think and believe.

When we have mostly positive and uplifting beliefs, the nicer the thoughts that result. The more negative, or unhealthy, beliefs that we store here, the more chance there is of triggering these negative beliefs and fears.

In my years of working with the subconscious mind, I have found that there are many layers, and many energy strands that can be stored with in our bodies. No two are the same, they are just as unique as the person that created them.

As the subconscious mind always likes to be right it will do most anything to show you that what you believe is right! It uses self sabotage and ego to support this.

So if you want to have more positive, uplifting thoughts and to rewire your subconscious to a more helpful and healthy one.

Here Are 7 Steps You Can Take

1. Step one – Go to a healer that specializes in subconscious mind re-coding and re-activation, energy and channeled sound healing is best for this as it allows the client to be cleared without having to relive and go back to the start.

2. Step two – Positive belief mantras – for example:

“I am a positive mindful being of positive thought”
“I am a positive mindful being of love”
“I am a positive mindful being and things always work out well for me”

Simple yet powerful words to practice with.

3. Step three – Meditation will not only raise your vibration, it will encourage a connection to the higher self for guidance, help and self healing.

4. Step four – Form, and embed in your subconscious mind, new healthy beliefs by engaging in positive thoughts, conscious beliefs and activities.

5. Step five – Spend time with those of a high vibration and healthy thoughts, beliefs and patterns.

6. Step six – Laugh! Be silly. Do something, that you loved doing as a kid, at least once a week. This reminds you what is was like when you were still having child-like fun.

7. Step seven – Self care. This step is so important! Take time out to give back to you. A happy healthy you means more happy healthy thoughts and vibration all round.

So you see you already have everything at your finger tips to create a healthy happy subconscious mind everyday. Start attracting the things, and the life that you have always wanted, not the old one you have been living.

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Katherine Baldwin

Katherine Baldwin

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