Do You Sabotage Your Immune System?


In writing this article, I wanted you, the reader, to see and feel things from a different perspective. I wanted to find the words that I could share about energy healing, in particular about Forensic Healing.

How understanding, being compassionate, feeling kindness, all contributes to your body’s way of negotiating and keeping your immune system healthy, so bare with my story…

Like a ripe avocado ready for the picking then….

Looking out my window from my healing space, I have a tree that is blossoming with the abundant fruit of avocados. Its base actually resides in the neighbour’s yard, but gently leans over two fences.

It is large, healthy and there is so much fruit that not even the owners could consume it all.

In all the years that we have lived here, we have been blessed with receiving these delicious avocados (though several years ago something strange happened where the neighbours decided to climb over the fence, when we weren’t home, and cut back one of the main branches that was so full of fruit and take it back over their side)!

The tree was literally sabotaged, cut down whilst it was doing what it was meant to do. Why would you want to cut down something that is growing and filling its branches with food that maybe some other people could receive some fruit as well?

I was at a loss for words, it left a gaping hole and as they dragged it over (and destroyed the old brick lined fence) all the fruit hanging on the remainder of the branches was back in their yard.

Now I’m not saying that anyone who grows trees or gardens should just allow anyone into your yard to take what they want (alas, they were the good ole days!)… but a tree that is growing so big and hanging over two other yards fences says to me, I have enough fruit for everyone!

I grew up in the days where our neighbours and our yards were filled with all sorts of fruit and vegetables and we were encouraged to eat from each other’s gardens and off the trees, there was simply an abundance available, so sharing it with your neighbours is exactly what we did.

It took a couple of years before we saw the tree bare fruit of decent size and quantity again.

Since that time the tree has grown even more, it fills the view of our dining room window (we no longer can see the small line of ocean we used to as the tree has replaced that)!

The neighbour’s cheeky effort to sabotage this tree back then with its fruit, thinking it would discourage it from doing what nature intended it to do, somehow gave this plant the mighty courage to grow even bigger.

And just yesterday I was able to pick 6 avocados so I could share with my neighbours. There are plenty more to go around.

So what does the whole story about the avocados have to do with Forensic Healing I hear you say? I know it’s a long story but it has a relevance in different ways.

Self sabotage can appear in many ways. Sometimes we are not aware of the ways we sabotage our lives and our health.

Emotions And The Immune System – Sabotage

Remember how I said this powerful tree had been ‘sabotaged’. It was minding its own business. It wasn’t hurting anyone; it wasn’t in the way of progress or having to be cut down for safety reasons.

The person decided to sabotage the tree, knowing full well that others would not reap the benefits of the fruit. There are probably many ways to interpret the way the tree was attacked, destroyed, or ruined, but I see it as sabotage.

Forensic Healing helps people understand themselves more deeply. We know that negative emotions can affect the immune system for several hours…

I know some people can hold emotional experiences to a point that it affects others around them. What is that doing to your immune system?

What does sabotage mean? When you are deliberately wasting or damaging tools, machinery or production of yourself, someone or something. How often have you sabotaged something in your life?

Sabotage is about negatively interfering with plans or businesses. We can sabotage ourselves, called self-sabotage, which means we purposefully interfere with our own life so we are unable to move forward to achieve certain outcomes we have set for ourselves.

Self Sabotage Can Appear In Many Ways

  • when you attempt to get healthy but can’t stop the old habits;
  • relationships you attract are negative and this blocks your progress; and
  • buying things you can’t afford so you are always kept in debt;

Our unconscious mind is made up of many emotions and beliefs, a place for unacceptable ideas, wishes or desires, and memories that are traumatic and painful that can be hidden by repression.

It can also hold the positive ideas, experiences, and beliefs and its effects will appear in the symptoms of one’s life.

Common Self Sabotage Behaviours

  • procrastination;
  • destroying good working relationships;
  • trust issues;
  • negative self talk;
  • attracting continual ‘crisis’ in life to feel purpose;
  • addictive behaviours/co dependency; and
  • staying in abusive relationships.

In Forensic Healing, we ‘read’ the body to access the subconscious or unconscious mind, thoughts and beliefs. Here we have the opportunity to change what isn’t working for them. Forensic Healing is a powerful system.

Every time I have a chance to use this system I grow and I know I’m helping someone to heal from whatever condition, trauma or stress their bodies have trapped.

The contributors (myself included) within this magazine want to share their knowledge, wisdom, talents and gifts. We cannot sit on the tree and be available for only a handful to use, as there is so much valuable ‘fruit’ to be shared around.

It’s about wanting as many people to know this information and that it can be spread around so everyone gets a chance to taste what they have to offer.

The more people that have the tools to find ways that they can improve themselves energetically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Everyone can play a part and the message will find its way to grow and in turn will help you, your family, friends, community and humanity.

Why The Forensic Healing System Works…

• Forensic Healing uses Healing Secrets to activate spontaneous healing forces
• Words of Power are used to close down negative forces and open positive energies
• We follow a protocol of Opening and Closing statements to bless, access higher sources and guidance etc
• The Client plays an active part in the identification of life patterns and the emotions that run them
• Identifying the clients age where the impact with programs, beliefs and patterns occurred
• Embeds Law of Attraction to enhance life changes
• Exposes how are relationships leave imprints on ourselves and others
• Addressing all healing pathways – energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual
• As a Forensic Healer I know exactly what to do- step by step for any condition
• Understanding the patterns of clients who heal easily and the clients who don’t
• As a therapist we too are healed with the client, creating good karma and attracting what we need to make your healing experience successful
• A feeling of passion and excitement solving life problems
• I genuinely care about your progress as a therapist

May you always know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that love will guide you along the way, which everyone’s journey is sacred and unique.

Let me be a light to help you on your path and with the benefits of incorporating the Forensic Healing system into your life can be profound and empowering.

Love, Light and many Blessings

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